Stick War: Legacy {{version}} Menu, Unlimited All, 99999 Diamonds, Gems, Giants, Onehit, Vip Skins, Immortal MOD APK

Game Stick War: Legacy MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - February 29, 2024
Stick War: Legacy MOD APK 2023.5.213
Name Stick War: Legacy
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Max Games Studios
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited All, 99999 Diamonds, Gems, Giants, Onehit, Skin Vip, Immortal
Size 114MB
Version 2023.5.213 (Latest)
Category Strategy
Price FREE
Update February 29, 2024 (5 days ago )

Stick War: Legacy of MODEDPURE is a strategy and tower defense game. In the game, you will become a commander with the power to make decisions. Your mission is to build an army to launch an invasion against the enemy’s statue. The goal is to destroy the statue and conquer their territory, thereby winning and completing the mission. During the process, there will be various activities that need to be controlled. From defending your statue against enemy attacks to recruiting units to allocate tasks for resource exploitation. To add more appeal to players who love the strategy game genre, the graphics and sound are impressively built by the developer. It opens up in different environments.

Download Stick War: Legacy – Tower Defense Battles in Various Modes

Complete missions in the campaign mode of the game. Open up defensive and offensive battles to invade territories. As a commander, participate in battles at different levels. Each battle will take place in a tower defense style. Your mission is to recruit units to defend the statue. At the same time, deploy strategies to build an army and attack enemy territories. The goal is to destroy their statue and conquer their territory. This will complete a level and allow you to proceed to the next battle. The difficulty will increase as you participate in battles at the next level. It requires your calculation in deploying strategies to counter the enemy.Stick War Legacy MOD

Invade through various territories

Going through battles in the campaign mode will explore different territories. These include Order, Sword Wrath, Archidons, Speartons, Pertland, Ice Hills, Desert, and more. Each territory opens up in different environments and weather conditions. For example, in the Order territory, battles take place on a plain at night. The Desert territory opens up a vast desert area in scorching conditions. Or the Ice Hills territory has a tower defense battle on a cold snowy area. As you go through each battle and successfully capture a stronghold, you will have the opportunity to explore and control all the territories.Game Stick War Legacy MOD

Survival and tournament modes

In addition to the campaign mode of Stick War: Legacy, the game also has other modes for you to experience. These include survival and tournament modes. Each mode has battles with their own gameplay, but still revolves around the tower defense theme. In the survival mode, there will be a defensive battle against waves of zombie attacks. They appear in large numbers and continuously attack the statue to take over your territory. To stop them, the only choice is resistance. As a commander, recruit units and deploy strategies to stop all the zombies approaching. In addition, the tournament mode features battles against AI opponents to win the Inamortal crown.Tai Stick War Legacy MOD

Recruit multiple units

During tower defense battles in different game modes, you can recruit various units to serve the attack on enemy strongholds and defend your territory. These include miners, archers, swordsmen, knights, mages, and more. Each unit has its own special abilities, evaluated through durability and damage caused. The difference between them is shown through their appearance, weapons, and accompanying equipment. For example, miners have the task of mining gold resources for recruitment. Archers shoot arrows to cause damage from a distance, but their durability is relatively low. On the other hand, knights have superior close combat attack advantages and can resist enemies in close combat clashes.Download Stick War Legacy MOD

To enhance the combat abilities of the units in Stick War: Legacy, you need to use skill points to upgrade their strength. After each battle and successfully capturing enemy territory, you will receive skill points. From there, you can improve their attack power and durability. Each unit has different equipment to upgrade. For example, wizards can upgrade hats and magic staffs. Miners can upgrade resource bags and shoes to increase movement speed. In addition, you also need to upgrade the statue to improve its defense capabilities. This will increase its durability against enemy attacks.

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