Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition MOD APK {{version}} (Menu, Max Level 99, Unlimited Money, Titan)

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition MOD APK 1.0.10 (Menu, Max Level 99, Unlimited Money, Titan)

By Ly Hoai Thu - January 15, 2024
Name Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher NEKKI
MOD Features Menu, Max Level 99, Unlimited Money, Titan
Size 151MB
Version 1.0.10 (Latest)
Category Action
Price FREE
Update January 15, 2024 (1 month ago )

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition by MODEDPURE is an action game developed by NEKKI. The game features combat-style fights where players take on the role of a Sensei to engage in 1vs1 battles. Players compete against opponents in various locations to complete missions. They can use equipped weapons and their own skills to perform attacking actions while avoiding enemy strikes to minimize damage. The goal is to defeat the enemy after each round of fights to achieve victory and earn valuable rewards. To enhance the gaming experience for players, the game also offers various other game modes to explore and enjoy.

Download Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition – Fight Against the Titan Forces as a Sensei

The game’s storyline takes place in a fascinating fictional world covered by the shadows of darkness. This world is targeted and fiercely attacked by the Titan forces, causing a scene of devastation and haunting horror. The influence of the Titan forces has made everything terrifying. Players assume the role of a Sensei to join the journey of fighting against the Titan forces. They will step through the dark gates to enter a world full of dangers and fight enemies through combat battles in different regions. The objective is to defeat each opponent one by one until all are eliminated, thus fulfilling the assigned mission.Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition MOD

Completing Story-based Missions

Players can complete missions based on the game’s storyline through the story mode. This mode unlocks combat fights in different stages. In each stage, players engage in 1vs1 battles as the Sensei character against different opponents at various locations. They can use equipped weapons and flexible skills to perform attacking actions and inflict damage on the opponent with precise strikes. Each fight consists of a maximum of 3 rounds, and to win, players need to defeat the opponent in 2 out of 3 rounds. This allows players to quickly finish a fight within 2 rounds by defeating the enemy in the first 2 rounds.

The rewards obtained after completing a fight include gold coins and rare resources. The amount of rewards received depends on the achievements accomplished during the battle, such as perfection, first hit, combo creation, and brutal style. These achievements determine the corresponding amount of rewards earned.Game Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition MOD

Multiple Game Modes

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition also offers various other game modes for players to participate in, including double-handed combat, tournaments, and survival mode. Additionally, there are challenging battles against powerful opponents. Each mode features fights with its own theme. Although they still revolve around combat fights, the gameplay differs. For example, some modes include:

  • Double-handed combat: Directly compete with real players on the battlefield. Players can challenge friends or other players and prove their abilities by defeating opponents to win.
  • Tournaments: Engage in combat fights with multiple players worldwide. Compete against each player through battles and aim to win to have the opportunity to rise to the top of the leaderboard.
  • Survival: Fight against different opponents one by one. After defeating one, players immediately face another opponent. However, the lost health cannot be recovered. The battle continues until the player’s health is depleted and they can no longer fight.

Tai Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition MOD

Various Locations

Throughout the battles against the Titan forces, players will have the opportunity to adventure through different provinces. Each province recreates its environment in a unique way, which is reflected in the landscapes. For example, a destroyed town with crumbling buildings, a scorching desert with harsh weather conditions, or rooms in a castle in the kingdom. Other locations will be unlocked for exploration after participating in battles.Download Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition MOD

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition offers a variety of different equipment for players to use for their Sensei character, including weapons, armor, and helmets. Each type of equipment has multiple options, displayed through their shape designs. For example, weapons include swords, knives, daggers, sickles, axes, hammers, staffs, and more. There are also uniquely designed armor sets. The differences between them are also shown through attribute stats. Each equipment provides its own special ability when used. For example, weapons increase attack and speed stats, while armor and helmets improve defense stats.

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