Stick War MOD APK – Stickman Battle 1.11.7 Menu PRO, Unlimited Full Lots of Money, gems, unlock all characters MOD APK

Stick War MOD APK – Stickman Battle 1.11.7 Menu PRO, Unlimited Full Lots of Money, gems, unlock all characters MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - April 30, 2024
Stick War - Stickman Battle MOD APK 1.11.7 Android
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher Percas Studio
Size 78MB
Version 1.11.7 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update April 30, 2024 (3 weeks ago )

Download Stick War - Stickman Battle Of MODEDPURE


Stick War MOD APK – Stickman Battle by MODEDPURE opens up attractive stickman battles. According to the defensive play style, tactical elements are combined. You will become the commander to lead the army to participate in the siege. The goal is to overcome enemy forces in the face-to-face. Then take their territory and destroy the monument to win. From there will achieve new achievements and receive valuable rewards. This is an offline game that can be experienced for free. With many outstanding features provided by the publisher Percas Studio. But to be able to download and start playing will have to comply with the requirements of the system. Thereby it is necessary to ensure that your mobile device has a minimum operating system of 7.0 or higher.

Download Stick War – Stickman Battle MOD APK – Deploy the Strategy to Attack the Enemy Citadel

Engage in tower defense battles in the game’s campaign mode. Unlock level-by-level battles across multiple lands. In each level, there is a siege battle between the two forces. Become a leader with the power to make decisions. You will have to recruit each unit in turn with different roles. Mining gold resources to accumulate, which can be used to recruit many other units. Make the decision to advance to the enemy stronghold or retreat to your own monument to defend. As well as gathering on the battlefield to wait for the right time to attack. Thereby to be able to win will have to destroy the monument in the enemy’s territory. From there will complete the quest in one level.Stick War – Stickman Battle MOD

Campaign mode

In the campaign mode of the game unfold more than 500 levels of defense. The difficulty will increase gradually after starting a new match. Accordingly, there will be many factors that change to make it difficult for you in the siege mission. The enemy forces are supplied with many new units. They possess a stronger fighting ability than the previous enemies encountered. At the same time, endurance is also enhanced. Make it difficult for you to resist the enemy’s attack to reach the monument. But besides that, after successfully destroying the enemy monument and winning. The rewards received in the next levels will be greater than before.Game Stick War – Stickman Battle MOD

Strategy, gold mining

Strategy is one of the very important factors in the Stick War – Stickman Battle. Accordingly, deploying the strategy will need the presence of soldier units. To be able to recruit them will have to use gold resources. If you want to earn gold, you need miners. Right at the start of the match, you can recruit miners to work. They will move to the gold fields on the battlefield to mine. From there will create a source of income that sustains and grows over time. Based on the accumulated gold can be used to recruit other combat units. You can gather them on the battlefield and form different formations.Download Stick War – Stickman Battle MOD


Going through the goalkeeper levels will discover many different locations. Includes deserts, Redlands, icy areas, and craters. In each location is recreated the environment is not the same. That difference is reflected in the weather conditions and the surrounding landscape. For example in the crater site, the battlefield unfolds over a black land in a dark environment. Along with that is the melting of lava flows. But that doesn’t affect the fight either.

Many units to recruit

During the battle, it is possible to recruit many different units. Includes miners, swordsmen, archers, knights, mages,… and many more. Each unit is featured prominently with a stickman-style appearance. That difference is reflected in the types of equipment and weapons. Accordingly, each unit possesses different combat abilities. For example, swordsmen will attack directly when facing an enemy. Archers shoot arrows to deal damage from long distances. Or magicians use magic to deal magic damage to enemies. There is much more you will find out after joining.Stick War – Stickman Battle MOD APK

To be able to enhance the combat ability of stickman units in Stick War – Stickman Battle. Upgrades can be made to improve their strength. Through previously won matches. From there will have the opportunity to collect many different items. With more than 200 types of items provided by the game to use. You can use them to level up your unit. Increases health, attack power, and movement speed. There are many other possibilities that will be realized after owning the items.

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