Plants vs Zombies 3.5.3 Menu PRO, One-Hit, Money, Max Level, Full Plants MOD APK

Plants vs Zombies 3.5.3 Menu PRO, One-Hit, Money, Max Level, Full Plants MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - May 13, 2024
Plants vs Zombies MOD APK 3.5.3 Android
Requires Android 4.4
Size 97MB
Version 3.5.3 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update May 13, 2024 (5 days ago )

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Plants vs Zombies by MODEDPURE is a strategy game for growing plants to fight zombies. Based on the content revolving around the attack from waves of zombies. They advance through the courtyard garden with the goal of invading the house. To be able to protect safety will have to fight the enemy, not allowing them to achieve their goal. Thereby you will use the plants and plants on the plots. From there stop the advances of zombies and destroy them. This game is the first version of the publisher ELECTRONIC ARTS. With many outstanding features for you to discover and enjoy when participating. Many plants have their own special abilities, along with the appearance of many different zombies. Bringing you extremely interesting defense matches.

Download Plants vs Zombies MOD APK – Grow Plants Against Waves of Zombies

Follow the story of the game to carry out missions against zombies. Play through 50 levels that unfold in many different environments. Each level takes place with waves of attacks from zombies. In the garden in front of the house, you will plant plants on the open plots. From there, they will automatically attack with their own special ability as soon as zombies appear. Stop each wave of zombies in turn until wiping them all out. From there will win and successfully defend the house. Then you can continue the defense mission at a new level. The difficulty will increase with many variable factors. From the number of zombies attacking in the waves more than before. At the same time, they are reinforced with many enemies with special abilities, which are difficult to destroy.Plants vs Zombies MOD

Multiple environments

Go through each level in turn against waves of attacks from zombies. After coming to the next challenges, the environment will be changed when reaching a certain stage. Outside the daytime environment in sunny weather conditions. Moreover, you have to fight at night, when the zombies are most active. In an environment covered with fog, it is difficult to detect enemies when they appear. Or fend off attacks on the building’s rooftop. Even a lake in the garden. Each environment will need different plants to fight. For example, on plots, almost all plants can be planted. But on the lake, if you want to plant, you have to put lotus leaves first.Game Plants vs Zombies MOD

There are 49 species of plants

There are many different plants for you to grow in the game Plants vs Zombies. Includes 49 types of plants such as lotus, sunflower, purple mushroom, yellow mushroom, cactus, bean plant, … and many more. Each type of plant will bring a special ability after planting on the plot. For example, pea plants will shoot out beans with the ability to attack zombies from a distance. The mushroom shoots smoke, but the range is limited. Or sunflowers that produce solar energy over time. From there, it can be collected to accumulate, to use for the cultivation of plants. There is much more that you will learn and discover after joining the game.Download Plants vs Zombies MOD

Fight 26 types of zombies

Experiencing the journey to protect the house against the waves of attack. Thereby will have to fight 26 different types of zombies. They are all people who have lived before, after being infected with the virus, they have turned into. For example ordinary people, construction workers, and rugby players. Artists, singers, witches, dancers,… and much more. Each type of zombie is shaped in its own style. The difference between them is also reflected in their stamina and attack ability. Accordingly, normal zombies will be easily destroyed after attacking. But there are some special zombies that will bring certain difficulties. For example, mages will summon zombies every time.

Planting trees in the garden

In addition to the fight against waves of attacks from zombies. You can also grow many different plants. On a garden with pots placed neatly in each plot. Thereby it is possible to select and proceed to plant the desired plants. That process will have to keep track of their development progress. As well as watering and using fertilizers so that the plants can grow well.Plants vs Zombies MOD APK

Currently, the Plants vs Zombies game also has 22 mini-games. These include Zombotany, mini game pack 1, mini game pack 2,… and many more. Each mini-game unlocks its own themed anti-zombie games. When participating will challenge your strategy, aiming to fight zombies. Or deploy attack tactics from zombies, aiming to break through the defensive barriers to enter the house. Depending on the mini-game, there will be its own gameplay for you to enjoy. After completing the mission in any mini game, you will receive a reward.

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