Grow Empire: Rome 1.39.1 Menu PRO, Full Diamonds, Gold MOD APK

Grow Empire: Rome 1.39.1 Menu PRO, Full Diamonds, Gold MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - March 20, 2024
Grow Empire: Rome MOD APK 1.39.1 Android
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Games Station Studio
Size 85MB
Version 1.39.1 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update March 20, 2024 (2 months ago )

Download Grow Empire: Rome Of MODEDPURE


Grow Empire: Rome by MODEDPURE is a game built on content based on elements of defense and strategy. Open the match between the ancient Roman empire and the European Union. Attack and destroy strongholds to capture territory and gain control. As the gameplay progresses, you will become a general to lead an army to participate in battles. Carry out the task of defending the stronghold against waves of attacks from the European Union. At the same time, it lead troops to attack to capture the strongholds of other countries in the world. The goal is to rebuild a strong empire and develop the civilization of Rome. This is a game in the strategy category and incorporates a construction element. You can experience it for free in offline mode.

Download Grow Empire: Rome MOD APK – Roman War Against European Civilization

The setting unfolds in a fantasy world of flourishing Rome. Play as a general who has the power to command and make decisions. You will build an army and lead the forces of the Roman empire. The quest against the expansion of European civilization. Through fierce battles between armies and gain domination. To achieve that fame will have to perform a lot of different activities. Build strongholds, constantly develop and improve. At the same time, build a system of defensive works to protect the citadel from attacks from the enemy. Besides that is recruiting units and creating an army. Then lead the offensive to invade the territories of other countries.Grow Empire- Rome MOD

Build a stronghold

Build strongholds to assert your territorial sovereignty. Through the various works carried out in stages. Includes building walls, archery units, arrow towers, and turrets. Each project will be divided into several different phases. To be able to improve will need to use resources and upgrade in turn. From there, strengthen the defense’s ability to resist invasions from the enemy. Start building the citadel with rudimentary wood materials. Over time, go through many upgrades until maxed out. From there it is possible to create a solid and solid stone citadel. Similarly, other defensive units after being upgraded will enhance their superior ability.Grow Empire- Rome MOD

Unleash the invasion

After building an army according to your own strategic deployment in Grow Empire: Rome. Can lead the force to start the journey to conquer the territory. Aim to attack other countries and gain domination. From there, expand its power to create a great civilization. Achieving that will have to overcome the defenses of each country. Destroy all enemy forces and win. From there continue to attack to destroy their stronghold to gain control. Continue to invade other countries. Will face a much stronger army than before. Make your army difficult to wipe out.Download Grow Empire- Rome MOD

Against 4 forces with 120 locations

The Roman war will have to face the four great powers of Europe. Each force has over 12 different armies with powerful abilities. Simultaneously deployed defensive and offensive strategies in their own way. Accordingly, the attack on Europe will have the opportunity to explore 120 different locations. Each location is managed by an army. Before conducting an invasion, it is necessary to observe the enemy forces. Then deploy the appropriate strategy, through the use of units and placement. When ready, you can launch a fierce attack to capture the city.

Recruit multiple units

Here you can recruit many different units. They were all warriors of the Roman Empire. Includes archers, horsemen, swordsmen, steeds, and war elephants. There are many other units that will be learned and recruited after participating in the game. Each unit is shaped in its own style. The difference between them is reflected in the appearance and the equipment used. For example, a cavalryman carries a spear and shield. Can attack and defend powerfully against the enemy. Or a steed not only has a fast speed, but the ability to fight in a fight extremely strong.Grow Empire- Rome MOD APK

The process of invasion attacks at Grow Empire: Rome. As a general, you can use 18 skills and 3 different powers. For skills such as increasing the combat power of swordsmen and cavalrymen. Improve the strength, and increase the health of the units. There are many other skills that will be unlocked in stages. In addition, you can also use powers including screams, rain of arrows, and falling rocks. Each power will bring its own special ability. For example, the scream after being activated will increase damage. Or the rain of arrows can cause extensive damage.

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