Boxing Star 5.7.0 Menu PRO, Full Money MOD APK

Boxing Star 5.7.0 Menu PRO, Full Money MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - April 8, 2024
Boxing Star MOD APK 5.7.0 Android
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher FourThirtyThree Inc.
Size 85MB
Version 5.7.0 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update April 8, 2024 (1 month ago )

Download Boxing Star Of MODEDPURE


Come to the game Boxing Star to develop your career on the way to becoming a boxing star. Follow the 1vs1 action fighting gameplay that takes place in the competition venues. You will have to compete directly with another boxer in a dramatic skirmish. Show off your skills and experience to create precise attacks. Combined with agile and flexible dodging to reduce damage. Aim to beat the opponent and win to grow on the career path. This is a fighting sports game, built on a boxing theme. When participating can play in online multiplayer mode. Or come with free offline mode. Along with that, the graphics are reproduced in the form of vivid animated 3D.

Download Boxing Star MOD MOD APK – Role Play as a Boxer to Participate in Boxing Matches

Build graphics based on an animated 3D platform. Recreate the battle environment in many different locations. Along with that is the creation of characters in the form of lively animation. Especially the character’s motion effects are designed very flexibly. Shown through the actions of attacking, moving, and launching punches very quickly. This will give you an extremely realistic boxing experience. Not stopping there, the game’s sound system is also meticulously polished. With the attacks performed will create realistic collision sounds. Incorporate cheers from the surrounding audience. The same voice of the referee is heard when the match is nearing the end.Boxing Star MOD

Story Mode

Grow your career in the Story mode of the game in MODEDPURE. Start from an amateur boxer competing in the alleys of the street. Go through each boxing fighting match and win. From there, you will increase your rank to be able to go to matches in other locations. Over time endeavor to overcome powerful opponents. Win with excellent performance and get a high rank. Finally will be participating in the match in the ring. Aim to compete for the championship belt with other powerful opponents. Try to defeat the gladiator and win the match, thereby fulfilling your dream of becoming the defending champion.Game Boxing Star MOD

Match by level

In the Story mode of the game Boxing Star. Matches will be played according to each level. Each level opens up a boxing-style fighting match. Based on the 1vs1 mechanism in each location on the street or the ring. You will control your boxer to compete with the opponent in rounds. Show skills to perform versatile attacks. Deals massive damage to cause the enemy’s health to drop quickly. Simultaneously observe their every movement and quick reflexes to dodge. The goal is to knock down the opponent so that he can’t continue to play, thereby winning. Based on your achievements, you will have the opportunity to receive valuable rewards. Then continue to a new level of competition with increased difficulty.Boxing Star MOD APK

Online mode

Do you want to compete against online opponents? Take part in the game’s online multiplayer mode. That required condition is to connect to the network. Because the gladiators encountered in the matches are all real players. Thereby, you can test your skills in the tournament. Compete against each random opponent in turn. Or through the competition to compete for a position on the leaderboard. Prove your achievements based on your rank. By defeating other opponents with higher positions to replace them.

Change your appearance

Go through boxing matches and win. You have the opportunity to collect many different pieces of equipment. From there change the character’s appearance to become more prominent. Here the game has many pieces of equipment for you to customize. For example, fighter-style firefighters, robot, cowboy, ninja, knight, … and many more. Each suit will make a difference and stand out from other competitors.Download Boxing Star MOD

The ability of boxers in the game Boxing Star is shown through different stats. Includes health, attack, defense, speed, critical rate, and more. Accordingly, you can find out in detail each boxer’s stats in the customization section. To increase strength will have to through exercises, combined with learning attack skills. As well as unlocking powerful gloves to increase combat power. Create more powerful punches to cause the opponent to lose a large amount of health. By storing energy, when reaching the maximum kick can use Mega Punch punch.

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