Truckers of Europe 3 0.45.2 Unlimited Full Money, Max Level, Skin, Unlock Vehicle MOD APK

Truckers of Europe 3 0.45.2 Unlimited Full Money, Max Level, Skin, Unlock Vehicle MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - March 22, 2024
Truckers of Europe 3 MOD APK 0.45.2 Android
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Wanda Software
Size 117MB
Version 0.45.2 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update March 22, 2024 (2 months ago )

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Truckers of Europe 3 by MODEDPURE is a truck driving simulation game developed by Wanda Software. It allows players to embark on journeys on recreated roads in Europe. In the game, players take on the role of a truck driver to complete various transportation missions, earn money, and develop their careers with many activities awaiting them. Joining the game offers the opportunity to experience many attractive features, from the highly realistic graphics and sound quality to the truck models designed based on real-life vehicles. There are many more exciting things waiting for you to discover, providing a chance to enjoy the feeling of driving a truck as a driver.

Learn about games Truckers of Europe 3 MOD APK – Become a Truck Driver to Develop Your Career

To create a realistic driving experience in the game, the developer has built a highly authentic operating system. It optimizes complex features to make them easy to use and focuses on the driving activities. To navigate the vehicle while moving on the road, players will use a virtual steering wheel characteristic of trucks. Touch and rotate actions are used to control the steering wheel. Additionally, there are two pedal icons for braking and accelerating to control the speed of the vehicle on the road. Before that, players need to use the gear lever with different options. The game also displays a simulated tachometer, speedometer, as well as indicators for lights, wipers, handbrake, and viewpoints.Truckers of Europe 3 MOD

Mission Execution

Players will perform missions as truck drivers. They will control their vehicles to reach designated locations, then connect the truck to the trailer to start the journey. They will travel on traffic routes with guidance from the map. The goal is to transport the cargo to the required destination, complete the mission, and receive a reward. However, it is important to ensure safety while driving. Avoid collisions with other vehicles or obstacles. Also, obey traffic lights at intersections and adhere to speed limits in urban areas. Violations will affect the amount of reward received after completing the delivery job.Game Truckers of Europe 3 MOD

Realistic Traffic System

While driving trucks on European roads in the game Truckers of Europe 3, players will experience a realistic traffic system with AI-controlled vehicles. There will be a variety of vehicles moving on different road sections. Additionally, the environment will change according to day and night cycles. Weather conditions in each region will also vary, such as sunny, rainy, stormy weather, and clean air. Each condition will affect the driving process. For example, driving at night with rainy weather will pose difficulties due to limited visibility.Tai Truckers of Europe 3 MOD

25 Trailers with Various Types of Cargo

According to the provided information, the game currently features 25 trailers with various types of cargo. These include fuel tankers for vehicle supply, cargo trailers, resource transporters, fruit and grain transporters, and even military vehicles or common cars. More types of cargo will be transported with different trailer types as players progress in the game. Each type of cargo will have specific information for players to explore, including weight, destination, distance to travel, and the reward amount upon completion.

Various Truck Models

To become a truck driver and complete cargo transportation tasks, players can accumulate money to purchase additional truck models. The game offers 7 different truck models, all designed based on real-life prototypes produced by famous truck brands worldwide. They are equipped with available frames and have powerful performance capabilities. These include 4×2, 6×2 Midlift, 6×2 Taglift, 8×4, and more. The performance of each truck is evaluated through technical specifications. Players can learn more details to understand their trucks better.Download Truckers of Europe 3 MOD

During the truck driving process in Truckers of Europe 3, players can use various camera angles for observation. This makes driving more interesting with suitable viewpoints. For example, changing to a first-person view from inside the cabin provides a realistic driving experience, although it limits visibility. Additionally, using a third-person view from behind or from above helps players easily drive the truck while observing the vehicle’s movements.

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