The Wolf 3.4.1 Menu PRO, Max Level, Unlimited Full Money MOD APK

The Wolf 3.4.1 Menu PRO, Max Level, Unlimited Full Money MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - May 20, 2024
The Wolf MOD APK 3.4.1 Android
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Swift Apps LTD
Size 155MB
Version 3.4.1 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update May 20, 2024 (10 hours ago )

Download The Wolf Of MODEDPURE


Immerse yourself in the life of a wolf in MODEDPURE‘s The Wolf game. Following the simulation gameplay opens a large world in a natural environment. With different challenges taking place to test your survival. Play as a wolf to perform different tasks. Search for resources and hunt other animals. At the same time find a way to escape the dangers of the wild world. Moreover, it is possible to participate in PvP battles between wolves. Find the leader of the pack with a record of defeating all the remaining species. This game belongs to the 3D simulation game genre. With realistic image quality, recreating the natural environment. Along with that, there are many other unique features waiting to be discovered.

Download The Wolf MOD APK – Adventures Of Wolves In The Natural Environment

Become a wolf to start the adventure in the wild natural environment. The online multiplayer mode takes place in real-time. Can cooperate with other wolves to live in the forest together. Or fight them and find the leader of the pack. Thereby will face many different dangers. But in order to survive, there will be no choice but to face it. At the same time, you have to perform a lot of tasks, as well as activities to survive in harsh conditions. Hunt other animals to accumulate experience points for growth. Resist attack from beasts and escape to safety.Download The Wolf MOD

Co-Op Hunting Mode

Based on the content of The Wolf in Co-Op Hunting mode. Open up a vast world out in the wild. Accordingly, you will become a wolf to find a way to survive in harsh environmental conditions. With the appearance of other species of wolves constantly searching for prey. Making resources and food limited, means that it is difficult to survive. In this mode can cooperate with some species of wolves to create groups. Then go on quests and hunt for food together. Especially able to resist attacks from other groups. Or easily take down prey that is hard to do alone.The Wolf MOD

PvP Arena mode

Time-lapse takes place in the survival adventure of The Wolf. When reaching level 5, the system will unlock PvP Arena mode. There are fierce battles between wolves. Instead of looking for food sources to survive in the natural environment. Wolves will attack each other to show strength. From there, find the leader wolf capable of leading the remaining species. Thereby, being able to win intense battles. You need to survive and defeat other opponents, thereby asserting your strength. In this mode is played online, so the opponents are all real players. They have skill and experience, making it very difficult to get the position of the leader of the pack.The Wolf MOD APK

Many animals and bosses

The course of the adventure in the natural environment of The Wolf. Can hunt many different animals. They occur in areas with suitable habitats. For example deer, deer, tiger, grizzly bear, elephant, crocodile,… and many more. Each animal will flee as soon as it perceives danger. But they will resist the hunter if attacked. Not stopping there, to be able to get more abundant food sources to increase levels quickly. Possibly through the boss fight. For example, fighting prehistoric mammoths or polar bears. However, it should be noted that the battle with the boss will put wolves in a lot of danger. Even if you can’t fight back, you will lose your life.

Many species of wolves

The Wolf game has many different species of wolves for you to choose and role-play. Includes gray wolf, white wolf, black wolf, Mexican, and Dhole Wolf. There are some other species that will be learned after going through the adventures. Each species is reproduced in a different shape. Expressed through coat color and gender. Not stopping there, you can also learn the details of each species. The Wolf feature of the game is available.Game The Wolf MOD

The wolves in The Wolf game possess many different skills. Accordingly, in the first stage, the attack action will be performed with the claws. After going through the hunt to increase to new levels. From there you can learn some other skills such as tornadoes, fireballs, … and much more. In addition, skills can also evolve to develop new moves. From there will bring superior attack in battles.

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