SAKURA School Simulator 1.042.03 Menu PRO, Unlimited Full Money, Unlock All, Vietnamese, Immortal MOD APK

SAKURA School Simulator 1.042.03 Menu PRO, Unlimited Full Money, Unlock All, Vietnamese, Immortal MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - March 3, 2024
SAKURA School Simulator MOD APK 1.042.03 Android
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Garusoft LLC
Size 239MB
Version 1.042.03 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update March 3, 2024 (3 months ago )

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SAKURA School Simulator by MODEDPURE is a simulation game set in the beautiful country of Japan. It revolves around the adventures of a schoolgirl, as you accompany her on various missions. You can freely explore undiscovered areas and engage in actions beyond the limits of a typical high school student, including engaging in illicit activities. By playing the game, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the life of a Japanese student, with many exciting experiences awaiting. You can choose to be a well-behaved girl or become someone disliked by everyone in the city, with the outcome depending on your actions.

Learn about games SAKURA School Simulator MOD APK – Life Simulation Game of High School Girls

Developed by Garusoft LLC, the game creates a vast imaginary world set in Japan, with graphics designed in an anime style. It is based on a 3D platform, offering sharp and vibrant visuals that bring the environment and landscapes to life. The character movements are incredibly fluid, making the actions smooth and realistic. To enhance the player’s experience, the game features impressive sound effects with lively music playing throughout the adventure. These elements add to the enjoyment of the game.SAKURA School Simulator MOD

Choose the Path of a Well-Behaved Student

In this game, you can choose your own path as a high school girl. You will engage in various activities, enjoying a fun and vibrant school life. You can meet and fall in love with someone you like, experiencing the excitement of being a student. However, you must adhere to the rules and regulations set in the school and complete the required tasks. This may make you feel restricted and lacking in freedom, but you can still enjoy playing and spending time with other students in a peaceful life.Game SAKURA School Simulator MOD

Become a Mischievous Schoolgirl

Alternatively, you can decide to become a mischievous schoolgirl in SAKURA School Simulator. This choice will lead you to face many dangers, even risking your life. Based on your criminal actions in the city, you will be pursued by law enforcement. However, this will give you a sense of freedom and the opportunity to do what you like. You can steal vehicles from police stations and drive at high speeds, break into car shops to acquire valuable vehicles, or even attempt to rob a bank. Many other activities will be unlocked as you progress in the game.Download SAKURA School Simulator MOD

Complete Various Missions

As a high school girl adventuring in the city of Japan, you will have to complete numerous missions. The mission system unfolds day by day, with different activities to follow. For example, you will move to designated locations, interact with non-playable characters, and engage in required actions. Upon completion, you will receive rewards and proceed to the next day. More missions will be available, increasing in difficulty with challenging obstacles ahead. Overcoming these challenges will be difficult but rewarding.

Control System

The game’s control mechanism is designed to be intuitive, allowing you to navigate and move your character seamlessly. It features a virtual joystick that appears on the screen, which you can touch and swipe to control your character. In addition, there are action buttons for various interactions, such as direct attacks, interacting with objects, jumping, using a Jetpack device, zooming in, and shooting.SAKURA School Simulator MOD APK

SAKURA School Simulator allows you to use various equipment and vehicles. The game provides a diverse range of weapons for attacking, including rifles, bazookas, handguns, and more. You can use them to unleash devastating firepower on targets, making it easier to resist police chases and security forces. However, this will also increase the level of danger and make you a wanted target. Additionally, you can use vehicles for convenient transportation, such as driving cars or motorcycles to increase speed and escape pursuit. Alternatively, you can use the Jetpack to soar through the sky.

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