Lifting Hero 43.5.0 Menu PRO, Unlimited Full Money, Diamonds, Giant Characters, Auto Click MOD APK

Lifting Hero 43.5.0 Menu PRO, Unlimited Full Money, Diamonds, Giant Characters, Auto Click MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - March 2, 2024
Lifting Hero MOD APK 43.5.0 Android
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Rollic Games
Size 92MB
Version 43.5.0 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update March 2, 2024 (3 months ago )

Download Lifting Hero Of MODEDPURE


Lifting Hero MODEDPURE is a game that is built around the concept of exercise. Accompany the character in the game to perform weightlifting exercises. Instead of using regular dumbbells with different weights, various objects and items are used here, with different levels of difficulty. This helps in developing muscle groups and size to become bigger and stronger over time. This game falls under the simulation category, belonging to the casual game genre. Participating in the game will provide you with enjoyable entertainment moments. No need to calculate for the best efficiency, just continuously touch to perform the lifting actions. This will continuously develop over time.

Learn about games Lifting Hero MOD APK – Lift Weights to Develop Muscle Groups for Greater Growth

Before starting the game, you can explore the graphics system. Set in a square in the city, where weightlifting exercises take place to develop muscle groups. The environment and surrounding scenery are recreated in a cartoon style. Along with that, the character design is in the form of unique plush toys. Combined with bright and vibrant image quality, it provides an exciting and lively experience during gameplay. To add excitement for players, the sound system is simulated with cheerful music melodies. Combined with energetic music playing throughout the workout.Lifting Hero MOD


The gameplay is based on a workout style to collect muscles, then sell them and earn money. Following the idle mechanism, you only need to continuously tap on the objects used for training. This will continuously generate muscles to collect. They will be converted into money through the displayed Sell feature. When you have the amount of money corresponding to the value of an object, you will receive it to change the training equipment. This will enhance the training ability for the development of the character’s muscle groups. Over time, high-intensity weightlifting exercises will take place. This will help the character improve in size, shown through height and body width.Game Lifting Hero MOD

The process

Are you ready to perform weightlifting exercises in Lifting Hero? Start with a skinny, weak person with small size. Perform each action of lifting objects to grow muscle groups. From there, they will gradually grow and be able to lift more different objects. Over time, go through exercises to perform weightlifting actions. The body will become larger and taller. Even surpassing the skyscrapers and reaching outer space. This will give you a completely new perspective after achieving a larger size.Tai Lifting Hero MOD

Various objects to lift

Through weightlifting exercises to develop the body, you will lift various different objects. In order, from a pencil, a log, a tablet, a water bottle, a ball, a stick, a book, and more to be discovered as you reach new levels. To own a new object and use it for training, you will have to use the money earned through actions to unlock it. Each object will require a different amount of money. Accumulate muscles over time to convert them into money. When you have enough, you can unlock new objects and continue training.

PvP battles

Not only exercise to develop muscle groups in the usual way, here you can also participate in PvP battles with other trainers. Following the real-time weightlifting gameplay. Each battle will have a specific time requirement. After starting, both trainers will lift objects to demonstrate the strength of their muscle groups. When the countdown reaches 0, the match will end. The person who lifts the object more times will win. This will prove their ability and receive a generous reward.Download Lifting Hero MOD

During the weightlifting exercises in the game Lifting Hero, you can also use two different features to achieve greater efficiency. As well as giving you more free time, without having to continuously press. For example, use the Auto Click feature to automatically perform actions continuously. This will help you earn muscles and receive money after conversion while being idle. In addition, you can use the X2 power feature to increase the speed of lifting objects. This will earn more muscles in the same amount of time compared to normal gameplay.

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