Jurassic World: The Game 1.73.4 Unlimited Full Money, Free Shopping MOD APK

Jurassic World: The Game 1.73.4 Unlimited Full Money, Free Shopping MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - March 27, 2024
Jurassic World: The Game MOD APK 1.73.4 Android
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Jam City, Inc.
Size 65MB
Version 1.73.4 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update March 27, 2024 (2 months ago )

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Building a dinosaur park in the game Jurassic World: The Game by MODEDPURE. Combining management gameplay with construction elements, the game takes place in a large primeval forest. You will become one of the scientists to develop prehistoric dinosaur species. Then, you will train them to compete in battles against other dinosaurs. The battles are turn-based, and the goal is to defeat your opponents to win. To enhance the player experience, the game offers a range of unique features, including a 3D graphics system with sharp images and vibrant sound effects.

Learn about games Jurassic World: The Game MOD APK – Develop Dinosaur Species to Join Battles

Set in a research center within a vast forest, players take on the role of a manager responsible for constructing various facilities. The goal is to create an environment for different dinosaur species to thrive. Players must also search for resources and genetic variations to research and create new dinosaur species. Additionally, players can evolve the dinosaurs they currently have to increase their levels and strengthen their abilities. They can also participate in PvP battles against other managers to compete directly.Jurassic World- The Game MOD

Construct Multiple Buildings

To create the most extensive and advanced dinosaur park, players need to construct various buildings, including resource collection sites, information towers, entrance gates, research facilities, operational areas, and more. Each building plays a crucial role. For example, resource collection sites allow for the deployment of hot air balloons. The research facility can modify the genes of dinosaurs in real-time. There is much more to explore and discover in the game. However, constructing these buildings requires in-game currency.Game Jurassic World- The Game MOD

Expand the Area

Starting with a small plot of land in Jurassic World: The Game, players need to expand the area over time to build new facilities and create suitable habitats for different dinosaur species. This expansion requires resources and unlocking. Players need to clear trees in the forest to create more planting areas. By doing so, they can expand the space to build new facilities with different roles.Jurassic World- The Game MOD APK

Over 200 Prehistoric Dinosaur Species

Inspired by fossil reconstructions, Jam City, Inc. offers over 200 prehistoric dinosaur species, including Indoraptor, Gastornis, Megistocurus, Ostaposaurus, Indominus, Rex Gen 2, and many more. Each dinosaur species is uniquely designed in 3D. Their differences are evaluated through three main attributes: attack, health, and income generation over time. To enhance the abilities of each species, players need to evolve and modify their genes to create higher-ranked dinosaurs. This will increase their stats significantly.

Habitats and Food for Each Species

Creating habitats for dinosaur species requires understanding their living conditions to provide suitable environments for their development. Different dinosaur species thrive in various habitats. Additionally, food sources for each species are divided into three types: herbivorous, carnivorous, and aquatic. For example, herbivorous dinosaurs primarily eat grass, while carnivorous dinosaurs need meat for faster growth. More species will be discovered through research and development activities.Download Jurassic World- The Game MOD

After nurturing the dinosaurs in the Jurassic World: The Game research center, players can enter them in online PvP battles. They will compete against dinosaurs controlled by other managers. The battles follow a 1 vs. 1 fighting format, with turns taken until one dinosaur remains. Each player’s dinosaur takes actions during their turn, with three options available: store power, attack, or defend. Players need to strategize and choose the best action for their turn. The goal is to defeat the opponent’s dinosaur and claim victory.

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