Bus Simulator Ultimate 2.1.7 Menu PRO, Unlimited Full Lots of Money and gold, multiplayer unlocked MOD APK

Bus Simulator Ultimate 2.1.7 Menu PRO, Unlimited Full Lots of Money and gold, multiplayer unlocked MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - March 26, 2024
Bus Simulator Ultimate MOD APK 2.1.7 Android
Requires Android 5.0+
Publisher Zuuks Games
Size 62MB
Version 2.1.7 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update March 26, 2024 (2 months ago )

Download Bus Simulator Ultimate Of MODEDPURE


Experience the Bus Simulator: Ultimate của MODEDPURE driving simulation game. This game is developed by Zuuks Games. It recreates a vast world for you to enjoy the authentic bus driving experience. Explore routes in multiple countries with long journeys. Combined with a realistic traffic map system and physics-based operation. Alongside the combination of vibrant environmental conditions. Recreate the surrounding landscapes and changing weather over time. To enhance the excitement for players when participating in the game. The developer has provided a diverse system of buses with many models. Along with different customization options for vehicles. From there, you can personalize it according to your own preferences.

Learn about games Bus Simulator: Ultimate MOD APK – Safe Passenger Transport in Multiple Countries

Joining the game will give you the opportunity to drive buses in various countries. Including China, France, Turkey, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Czech Republic. There are many other countries for you to explore after playing. Each country opens up a vast setting with different environmental and weather conditions. Especially, the traffic system in each place is inspired by reality. This difference is reflected through the terrain design, surrounding landscapes, and weather conditions. Perform bus driving missions as a driver. Gradually, you will have the opportunity to explore the territories of the entire countries.Bus Simulator Ultimate MOD

Perform Missions

Become a bus driver to perform missions. According to the gameplay, you will control the vehicle to move along the routes. But you have to follow a specific itinerary provided. Start by stopping the bus at the station for passengers to board. After stabilizing the position, you will depart and travel on the routes. The mission is to take passengers to the required destination and ensure their safety. After completing a trip, you will receive a corresponding bonus based on your performance. Then, you will continue with a new journey with changes in various factors. From the traffic system opening in a different location. To the increased number of passengers to transport compared to before.Game Bus Simulator Ultimate MOD

Obey Traffic Rules

The process of driving a passenger transport bus in Bus Simulator: Ultimate. As a driver, you have to ensure the safety of everyone on board. Therefore, you need to obey traffic rules in each country. Do not exceed the maximum speed allowed in urban areas. At the same time, avoid collisions with other vehicles. As it will lead to accidents and make passengers dissatisfied. This will affect the amount of money received at the end of the trip.Download Bus Simulator Ultimate MOD

Environmental and Weather Conditions

During the time driving buses on the routes in different countries. The weather conditions will change in each area. At the same time, the environment will vary between day and night cycles. As a result, you will drive in sunny weather during the day or in fresh air when passing through highways. Moreover, you will also have to drive in dark environments and encounter storms. Limiting visibility and making it impossible to travel at high speeds. Especially, heavy rain makes the trip more dangerous due to slippery roads.

Change Perspective

How do you want to drive the bus? In this game, you can choose from various camera angles while driving, including first-person and third-person perspectives. Each perspective provides a different observation experience. For example, the first-person perspective from the driver’s position. You can observe everything in the control cabin in detail. But this perspective is limited and challenging for beginners to drive. As it requires observing multiple positions and demands professional skills for stable operation. In addition, the third-person perspective helps you drive and monitor vehicles from behind. You can observe the detailed movements of the bus on the road, as well as when turning corners.Bus Simulator Ultimate MOD APK

Inspired by real-life bus models. Bus Simulator: Ultimate offers 32 different buses. Some notable ones are Mercedes MOD APK – Benz 0302 HL, Tempa Diamond Class, Irzar, Setro Topclass 417 HDH, and many more. Here, the vehicle system is divided into two segments: buses and coaches. Each vehicle is designed with different styles, reflected through paint color and size. Their operational capabilities are detailed through maximum passenger capacity and fuel consumption. Additionally, you can upgrade and customize vehicles. To personalize and create a unique model according to your preferences. For example, changing paint color, seating type, equipping with TV, phone, and Wi-Fi hotspot.

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