Bus Simulator Indonesia 4.2 Unlimited Full Lots of Money fuel, all cars unlocked, No ads MOD APK

Bus Simulator Indonesia 4.2 Unlimited Full Lots of Money fuel, all cars unlocked, No ads MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - April 5, 2024
Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK 4.2 Android
Requires Android 4.2
Publisher Maleo
Size 830MB
Version 4.2 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update April 5, 2024 (2 months ago )

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Bus Simulator Indonesia by MODEDPURE is a bus driving game set in Indonesia. It offers a vast world with roads inspired by real-life locations. In the game, you play as a bus driver and complete various missions. Drive on the roads, stop at bus stations, pick up and drop off passengers on different routes. Your goal is to earn money to grow your career and prove yourself as a professional driver. This simulation game combines realistic 3D graphics and was developed by Maleo and first released in 2017. Over time, with the latest updates, it has brought many exciting features for you to enjoy the authentic experience of being a bus driver.

Learn about games Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK – Become a Bus Driver in Indonesia

The game features a variety of bus models inspired by Indonesian vehicles. They come in different designs, body parts, tail sections, and sizes. Some types include regular buses, coaches, sleeper buses, double-decker buses, and more. Each vehicle is evaluated based on its operational capabilities, including maximum passenger capacity, speed, and fuel consumption. Additionally, the buses in the game are designed with a reverse driving system compared to some Southeast Asian countries. Instead of the driver’s control panel and steering wheel being on the left side, they are accurately reproduced on the right side.Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD

Customize Bus Parts

In this game, you can customize your bus according to your preferences. The game provides various options for customization, such as color schemes, sound effects, music, skins, wheels, and seats. You can personalize your bus to create your own unique design. For example, you can change the passenger seats with different models or choose different music to play while driving. Customize the paint color with options like black, red, yellow, and more. You can also add additional accessories, such as auxiliary lights or front bumpers. There are even more customization options to explore once you start playing the game.Game Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD

Mission Execution Process

The bus driving missions in Bus Simulator Indonesia follow a specific process. As a bus driver, you have the authority to operate the vehicle and travel on designated routes. Use the mini-map to navigate the assigned routes. Pay attention to the sides of the road as you may come across passengers waving for a ride. Slow down and come to a complete stop to let them in. Open the doors for passengers to board and continue the journey. The passengers are the ones who will help you earn money, as they have to pay a fare for using your bus service. With time, you can pick up more passengers, increasing your chances of earning a significant amount of money.

The difficulty of the missions increases as you spend more time driving. There will be changes as you reach different locations. The number of passengers waving for a ride will decrease. The routes will have more curves and intersections. Additionally, the environment changes with harsh weather conditions whenever you arrive at a new destination. These challenges make it harder for you to drive the bus and pick up passengers.Tai Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD

Various Routes with Different Weather Conditions

The bus driving process takes you through various routes in Indonesia, allowing you to explore new locations. Each place has its own designed roads and connections. The differences between locations are reflected in the surrounding environment and the changing weather conditions. You may experience sunny, rainy, snowy, clear, and even stormy weather while driving. For example, you can drive along a scenic road along the coastline with rain pouring or drive through farmland under rainy conditions. You will also encounter city roads and many other locations inspired by Indonesia to discover.Download Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD

In Bus Simulator Indonesia, you don’t just drive the bus alone. The game offers a multiplayer mode where you can interact with other bus drivers from around the world. You can compete with them and compare achievements. Meet up at the parking lot and embark on assigned missions together. Prove yourself as a professional driver by climbing up the rankings.

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