Animal Restaurant 11.14 Free Rewards MOD APK

Animal Restaurant 11.14 Free Rewards MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - May 14, 2024
Animal Restaurant MOD APK 11.14 Android
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher DH-Publisher
Size 107MB
Version 11.14 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update May 14, 2024 (7 days ago )

Download Animal Restaurant Of MODEDPURE


Animal Restaurant by MODEDPURE is a restaurant business simulator. The game is developed by DH-Publisher. With an interesting story to discover after joining. Accordingly, you will become a pet restaurant boss. Thereby accepting the cats to the restaurant to work. Cook food and trade for other animals to enjoy. From there make money and constantly increase profits to become richer. The goal is to build a famous restaurant and attract many people to enjoy it. This is a simulation game that combines management elements. Requires your skills and business strategy to grow your restaurant. From there automatic income over time to reach the open wish to become a rich boss.

Download Animal Restaurant MOD APK – Pet Restaurant Business For Career Development

Started business from the first days in Animal Restaurant. The restaurant is quite simple, and lacks many equipment. But you will be provided with a small amount of money for business capital. Thereby, it will have to calculate in detail to invest in the purchase of necessary items. After cooking the dish can receive the first customers. Those are the animals, they come to enjoy and pay for the food your restaurant is selling. Over time can earn more money. Since then, it will continue to invest in many new items to develop the restaurant. Gradually, under your management, as well as the work of the cats. Thereby will build up a famous restaurant and attract a large number of animals to enjoy.Animal Restaurant MOD

Lots of work to do

As a restaurant manager of Animal Restaurant. It will take a lot of different work to be able to grow. Use earned money to invest in business items. Buy items such as tables and chairs, cooking stoves, and decoration of restaurant space. Create a beautiful setting for the pets to come and enjoy the food. Over time, you will have to buy more tables and chairs, as well as upgrade to create a luxurious restaurant. At the same time, the amount of work is also increasing day by day. Thereby, you will have to hire employees and arrange the position of each job. There are many other activities that need to be done after joining the game. Requires your calculations to manage appropriately, optimize, and bring high efficiency.Game Animal Restaurant MOD

Cook many dishes

The restaurant business in the game Animal Restaurant. Can cook a variety of dishes to serve the incoming pets. For example, Taiyaki fish cakes, strawberry pancakes, spaghetti, whipped cream, hot pot, and snail noodles. There are many other dishes that you will discover in the course of your business. Each dish will need many different ingredients to cook. Just as there needs to be a recipe to make, from which it can be cooked. But besides that, you have to pay attention to the time, because each dish will be completed in different amounts of time. Through meeting the dietary needs of customers. From there will receive money after they enjoy it.Download Animal Restaurant MOD

Restaurant design

Business Process in Animal Restaurant. You can design the restaurant space in many different styles. Through the use of money to invest in objects with their own themes. For example, creating a European-style dining space. Room to enjoy Japanese-style food. Or a barbecue grill for outdoor Mediterranean animals. Much more will be learned to design. Accordingly, the restaurant can be divided into many areas. From there proceed to design to meet each need of the pets that come to enjoy.


Employing staff is one of the indispensable activities at Animal Restaurant. Because over time the restaurant business, the number of jobs is more and more. To meet the needs of the animals quickly, thereby receiving satisfaction. It is necessary to invest money in hiring more characters according to each position. For example waiters, cooks, cleaners,… and many more. Here, the staff is all animals like Ragdoll cats, Orange cats, Brindle dogs, … and more. The staff are featured prominently with unique styles, shapes, expressions, and coat colors.Animal Restaurant MOD APK

During business at Animal Restaurant. Your restaurant will receive many visitors. They are all animals like fox, cat, rabbit, pig, buffalo,… and many more. Each customer will order different delicacies to enjoy. At the same time, there will be incidents that occur during their arrival at the restaurant. Clashes and quarrels can happen at any time. Or you can listen to their stories, even change their lives. Moreover, you can learn about the secret story behind each animal.

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