ZingSpeed Mobile Menu PRO, Unlimited Full Money, Diamonds, Gold, Unlock Vehicle, DRIFT, NITRO, Anti-Shoot MOD APK

ZingSpeed Mobile Menu PRO, Unlimited Full Money, Diamonds, Gold, Unlock Vehicle, DRIFT, NITRO, Anti-Shoot MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - May 12, 2024
ZingSpeed Mobile MOD APK Android
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher VNG Corporation
Size 1.9GB
Version (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update May 12, 2024 (1 week ago )

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MODEDPURE‘s ZingSpeed ​​Mobile is a racing game, built with an element of adventure in mind. The game was released in 2018 with many attractive features. Going through the updates so far, many new features have been added now. Helping you to enjoy exciting races when participating. Revolving around dramatic competition between racers on the road. Accordingly, you will have to show your vehicle control skills and control well to be able to overcome dangerous roads. The goal is to overtake your opponent and reach the finish line with the lead. From there will win and complete the assigned task. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to enjoy 3D graphics with vivid pictures and sound quality.

Download ZingSpeed ​​Mobile MOD APK – Driving Vehicles to Participate in Speed ​​Races

Build vivid 3D-based graphics. Design sharp image quality to recreate the beautiful racing environment. Along with that is the movement of the vehicle when accelerating to go through the roads. Combine 3D effects with acceleration activities and use nitro for maximum power. Bring flexibility to help you enjoy exciting races. Besides, to increase the attractive experience for riders. The game also builds an extremely outstanding and deep sound system. In addition, the dynamic sound of the car is changed according to each speed range. Depending on the situation, the sound will change accordingly to bring the most realistic racing feeling.ZingSpeed Mobile MOD

Ultraman Rescue Event

Explore the Ultraman rescue event in the game. Unleash is an exciting story about the invasion of monsters into the world of ZingSpeed ​​​​Mobile. Soon the Ultraman appeared and joined everyone to fight the monsters. But after experiencing fierce battles, they also failed and could not stop the enemy. To be able to continue to protect the world from fearsome monsters. The Racers will have to band together to support the Ultraman in hopes of saving the world. Through it, it is possible to participate in the races in this exciting event. Promises to bring you an extremely attractive speed racing experience.Game ZingSpeed Mobile MOD

Annual tournament

ZingSpeed ​​​​Mobile game also opens speed races. An annual tournament with the participation of many players from around the world. Accordingly, you will have to compete with other racers on the way to becoming the champion. Follow the direct competitive racing gameplay that takes place on a winding map. The racers will have to show their skills to control the vehicle well. Perform stunts to drift through the turns at high speed. At the same time use nitro to increase the maximum speed and rush forward. The goal is to complete the race in the shortest time and overtake your opponent to take the lead. From there, you can win to continue to compete with other competitors.ZingSpeed ​​Mobile MOD APK

Multiple game modes

Currently, the game also has many other racing modes for you to explore. Typical are speed racing, ranking, storyline, chase missions, and many others. Each mode opens its own themed races. After choosing to enter the desired mode, it is necessary to adhere to the rules laid out by the system. For example, race against other opponents, they can be real players or vehicles controlled by AI. The ultimate goal is to overcome all to win. Or ranked mode with the goal of being the top racer and winning. From there demonstrate achievement based on rank.

More than 500 future car models

According to the information learned, the game currently has more than 500 different racing car models. They are all designed in a futuristic style. With a combination of modern model designs, and unique Xeon light strips. Bringing you the fascinating experience of driving on the track. Accordingly, each car is prominently shaped with a unique design and paint color. The difference between them is also reflected in the performance. The detailed specifications of each type can be explored for better understanding.Download ZingSpeed Mobile MOD

Join the game ZingSpeed ​​​​Mobile can also customize the character. With so many different choices for you to design your own racing character. This is a newly updated feature. Thereby it is possible to change the face, hairstyle, eyebrows, eyes, lips, and skin color. Each part of the face has many different choices to make. Depending on your combination, you can customize it to create a favorite character. Besides, it can also increase the prominence of the appearance. Through collecting and using beautiful costumes.

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