Traffic Rider 1.99b Unlimited Full Lots of Money, No Ads MOD APK

Traffic Rider 1.99b Unlimited Full Lots of Money, No Ads MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - February 21, 2024
Traffic Rider MOD APK 1.99b Android
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Soner Kara
Size 95MB
Version 1.99b (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update February 21, 2024 (3 months ago )

Download Traffic Rider Of MODEDPURE


Get ready to participate in motorcycle races in MODEDPURE‘s Traffic Rider game. Follow the game’s first-person driving gameplay. You will control the vehicle moving through the streets. Do not stop the throttle to accelerate forward. The goal is to pass the traffic to be able to complete the route in the specified time. From there, you can complete the assigned tasks and receive rewards. This is a racing game from the publisher Skgames. When participating can play in an offline mode completely free. With many outstanding features waiting to be discovered. From the graphics system built on a vivid 3D platform. Until the realistic sound effects reproduce the car’s reverberation in each speed range.

Download Traffic Rider MOD APK – From a First-Person Perspective To Driving Motorcycles Avoiding Traffic

Perform tasks based on the Career mode of the game Traffic Rider. Unlock 90 driving challenges on roads in various locations. Set on an island in the vast ocean. Divided into several locations, each of which takes place in a race. Accordingly, you will control the motorcycle to move forward. With vehicles traveling on two lanes. Try to dodge and speed up as fast as you can to complete the journey. From there it is possible to end a race and receive rewards based on achievements. Then comes the race at the next stage at another location. With more difficult challenges waiting ahead.Traffic Rider MOD

Endless mode

Coming to the Endless mode of the Traffic Rider game. Unleash endless races on the long road. Through the first-person perspective to drive forward. There is no time limit, as well as the route that can be taken will be endless. Thereby testing your skills while dodging obstacles. Do not stop accelerating to move as far as possible. The race will last until you collide with any vehicle on the road. Because then there will be an accident and the race will end. In this mode, your only goal is to drive past your own achievements.Game Traffic Rider MOD

Time Trial mode

Drive in real-time in Traffic Rider‘s Time Trial mode. As real-time is played out, the driver will have to complete the route within the specified time. Thereby, on a route that opens up randomly at a location. Divided into multiple touches with a specific number. Within the specified time, you will have to drive to the next station to get more time. Then continue the journey with the goal of completing all the touches and reaching the finish line at the last point. From there, you can complete the assigned tasks and receive valuable rewards. Similar to the above modes, the driving process will have obstacles from traffic vehicles.Download Traffic Rider MOD

Free Ride Mode

At Traffic Rider, you can also participate in Free Ride mode. Open completely free race on the roads. There is no time limit to travel, nor do quests. Thereby you will be able to drive freely on the road. See the beautiful scenery through the first-person perspective of the motorbike driver. Show off your skills as a professional racer by overtaking cars in traffic. Dodge, wriggle at high speed range to move forward. Or move slowly and observe your surroundings.

More than 30 cars

According to the information provided, Traffic Rider currently has more than 30 different vehicles. Both are two-wheelers designed based on reality. For example, motorcycles, motorbikes, scooters, large displacement vehicles, … and many more. Each vehicle is simulated with different shapes, designs, and paint colors. Classic and modern style. Their capabilities are evaluated in detail through the specifications. Includes power, control, and braking. Accordingly, you can upgrade to improve the stats. Help racing cars can outperform on the road.Traffic Rider MOD APK

The races in Traffic Rider are opened in many different environments. For example, the road in the snowy mountains, in the city center, on the highway, … and many more. Each road is designed differently, that difference is reflected in the surrounding environment. Along with weather and space conditions according to each time of day. For example, driving in the city center at night, on the highway during the day. Or drive in the snowy mountains in the afternoon. There are many paths in different environments that will be opened in turn for you to explore.

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