Real Moto 2 1.1.741 Unlimited Full Money MOD APK

Real Moto 2 1.1.741 Unlimited Full Money MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - April 29, 2024
Real Moto 2 MOD APK 1.1.741 Android
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Dreamplay Games
Size 44MB
Version 1.1.741 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update April 29, 2024 (3 weeks ago )

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Get ready to take part in the races in MODEDPURE‘s Real Moto 2. Play as a motorcycle racer to control your vehicle. Then compete with other competitors on the leaderboard. Show off your skills while driving on the road. Constantly increasing the speed to move forward, aiming to reach the top of the leaderboard. From there it is possible to win and gain new achievements. This is a motorcycle racing game from the developer Dreamplay Games. When participating can play in online multiplayer mode. But besides that, it also supports a free racing mode for you to explore. Along with that is the graphics system built on the 3D platform. With sharp picture quality and realistic sound effects.

Download Real Moto 2 MOD APK – Multiplayer Motorcycle Race To Find The Champion

Promising to open up realistic motorcycle races when coming to Real Moto 2. The developer has built graphics based on the 3D platform. Design high-quality images with sharpness and vibrancy. Expressed through racing environments that take place in multiple locations. Along with that is the landscape effect, as well as the realistic changing weather conditions. To add realism during racing car driving. Transition effects when moving at high speed, the angle of rotation is realistically reproduced in each speed range. Besides, the sound system is simulated based on the explosion of a motorcycle engine. Depending on each speed range or moving forward, there will be changes. Gives you the feeling of driving a realistic motorcycle.Real Moto 2 MOD

GP Mode

Inspired by real GP racing. The Real Moto 2 game opens up the multiplayer competitive GP mode. With the participation of the world’s top racers. They control their own motor vehicle in each race. Via third or first person to control your car. Then start the journey with the goal of overcoming the stages in the racetrack. Constantly increasing speed to move forward to overcome other opponents. The goal is to complete the requested route. Reach the finish line with the lead in the shortest time. From there can win and have the opportunity to rise to a higher position on the leaderboard.Game Real Moto 2 MOD

Game Modes

In addition to Real Moto 2‘s GP racing mode. The game also opens up 3 other modes for you to enjoy. Includes Career, City, and multiplayer. In each mode, there are motorcycle races according to their own content. Also give the different tasks required to perform when participating. But besides that it should be noted, in addition to the default GP and career mode unlocked. The rest must meet the conditions to be able to unlock.

  • Career mode: Staged races take place. Each stage requires completing the journey and reaching the finish line with the top position. From there win and receive rewards, then to the motor racing in the next stage.
  • City mode: Drive freely in the city, enjoy the feeling of a racer when driving vehicles on the roads.
  • Multiplayer mode: Compete against real players on racetracks. Show your skills to control vehicles and outrun opponents. The goal is to complete the track in the fastest time and win.

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There are many models of motorcycles

Real Moto 2 game offers a diverse motorcycle system. They are all designed based on real life prototypes. For example Yokoma 2016 YKZ-R1000, Bluezaki 2017 BSK-R1, Grusaki 2017 Musa 1000. These are just a few of the motorcycle models mentioned, with many more to be discovered by participating. The difference between the cars is reflected in the style, size, and paint color. Moreover, the performance of each vehicle is evaluated in detail through the technical parameters. Includes top speed, torque, braking, and cornering. Each vehicle will have its own parameters. Besides, it is possible to upgrade to improve, to enhance performance.Real Moto 2 MOD APK

The motorcycle races in Real Moto 2 unfold in many different locations. All are reproduced in the racetrack. With winding roads that require the skill and control of each rider. The difference between racetracks is also reflected in the environment and weather conditions. For example racing in a daytime environment under bright sunlight. Race at night in dry weather conditions. Or compete with racers in a stormy night environment. As a result, the environment can affect your driving performance. Especially if driving off track will cause vehicle speed to be reduced. This will create an opportunity for the opponent to stay far behind or take the lead.

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