Merge Cooking: Theme Restaurant 1.1.34 (Unlimited Diamonds) MOD APK

Merge Cooking: Theme Restaurant 1.1.34 (Unlimited Diamonds) MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - May 14, 2024
Merge Cooking: Theme Restaurant MOD APK 1.1.34 Android
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Happibits Game
Size 106MB
Version 1.1.34 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update May 14, 2024 (4 days ago )

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Are you a fan of the world of food? Do you have a dream of opening a restaurant? Merge Cooking: Theme Restaurant MOD is the best choice for you to realize that dream. Coming to this game, you can freely do what you want. Based on your talent, make those dishes famous and attractive to users. To take your restaurant to the next level you will have to compete with countless neighboring restaurants, use your intelligence and creativity to do it. With the unique gameplay Merge Cooking: Theme Restaurant will take you into an extremely interesting but also challenging experience. Download now the  Merge Cooking: Theme Restaurant 1.1.34 version (Unlimited Full Lots of Money, Diamonds, Unlocked All) MOD APK join now to explore!

Introducing Merge Cooking: Theme Restaurant – Become a Chef and Manager of a Luxury Restaurant

Coming to Merge Cooking: Theme Restaurant MOD APK 1.1.34, your first task is to decorate and improve your restaurant to the best fit. Here, you are not just an ordinary chef but also a creative designer, giving the world of mobile cuisine a new and colorful look. You need to come up with the best strategies and change plans for yourself. With your talent and passion, let’s restore the glory here.

Merge Cooking mod apk

Prepare Diverse Dishes

As you know, the culinary world is colorful and extremely diverse. From traditional dishes of many countries to typical regional dishes, you can freely combine and create new and unique dishes, giving your customers a unique experience. A special and unforgettable culinary experience. Coming to Merge Cooking: Theme Restaurant, you will have access to a new cuisine famous around the world and find a new recipe that is both interesting and challenging every day to test your cooking skills.

Decorate Your Way

You can choose and arrange different types of furniture to create a comfortable resting space for your customers. You can freely choose colors for your restaurant. You can add paintings of flowers and leaves to make it closer to nature. You can choose and design the menu for your restaurant yourself.

Upgrade infrastructure and equipment

Buy and upgrade cooking equipment such as stoves, ovens, coffee makers, and blenders. You can buy additional gardens or terraces to create outdoor space, or open additional upper floors to increase service area. Improve the shop’s interior space by purchasing and upgrading furniture such as tables, chairs, decorative lights, and other decorative objects. Update and upgrade computer systems and software to manage customers, orders, and payments more effectively.

Attractive incentive strategy

To attract customers and maintain interest, Merge Cooking has applied flexible and diverse incentive strategies. For example, opening a buffet program helps customers access a variety of dishes while saving at preferential prices. Groups of customers, such as families, friends, or co-workers, often have Merge Cooking restaurants create special deals, such as discounts for crowded tables or complimentary services. Set up membership card programs with special incentives such as discounts, accumulated reward points, or gifts to create prestige. Most importantly, organize special events such as holidays, anniversaries, or cultural events to stimulate customer interest and create opportunities for special offers on this occasion. Use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to interact with customers and build an online community.

Discover new recipes

Merge Cooking MOD APK is not just an ordinary theme restaurant, but a place that opens the door to creativity and innovation in cuisine. By combining cooking styles and ingredients from many different cultures, Merge Cooking constantly creates new culinary experiences for diners. Through combining and experimenting with ingredients, cooking methods, and culinary styles, the chefs here continuously create unique and attractive dishes.

Merge Cooking is not only a simple cooking game but also a place to experience and discover many new things. With a harmonious combination of traditional style mixed with a bit of modern style, Merge Cooking has brought the most unique experience to customers. What are you waiting for? Download now at MODEDPURE to discover more secrets! LHTFIX

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