Design Stories 0.5.23 Unlimited Full Lots of Money MOD APK

Design Stories 0.5.23 Unlimited Full Lots of Money MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - April 2, 2024
Design Stories MOD APK 0.5.23 Android
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Kurshi LLC
Size 151MB
Version 0.5.23 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update April 2, 2024 (2 months ago )

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Design Stories MOD can be an opportunity to explore the creative and exciting space of the design world. From interiors to fashion, from graphics to architecture, each design tells a unique story and reflects the personality of its creator. Behind each product is a story, a creative process, and an artist’s soul. Let’s start the endless exploration journey of Design Stories, where creativity never stops existing and is an endless source of inspiration for everyone.

Download Design Stories MOD APK – Transform into a talented interior designer

Design Stories MOD APK 0.5.23 is a game that combines interior design and match-3 puzzles, giving players a creative and interesting experience. In this game, players will be immersed in a unique design space where they can freely create and turn their ideas into reality. With Design Stories, players have the opportunity to become a talented interior designer, participating in design projects from A to Z. From choosing furniture, and decorating to arranging space, It’s all in their hands. At the same time, the game also combines match-3 puzzle elements, creating dramatic challenges and requiring flexibility in the player’s thinking.

Design Stories mod apk

Essential tasks

In Design Stories, players will be immersed in the world of unique design projects. From decorating apartments, restaurants, and cafes to designing flower gardens, swimming pools, and play areas, each task is a new creative challenge. Players will have to use their minds and creativity to create the most vivid and unique spaces. In particular, Design Stories also provides players with a series of tools and resources to support their design process. From all kinds of furniture and decorations to construction materials and plants, everything is available for players to satisfy their creativity.

Traditional match-3 puzzle

Each match-3 puzzle board in Design Stories has a distinct design style, from classic puzzle pieces to modern shapes and colors. Players will have to use clever combination and planning skills to figure out how to move and connect the pieces accordingly and create powerful combinations. By completing match-3 puzzles, players will collect important items and resources to design new and unique spaces in the game. At the same time, completing puzzle levels will also unlock exciting rewards and progress in the game’s story.

Unlock content

In Design Stories MOD APK, unlocking a series of interesting content is an important part of promoting progression and creating excitement for players. From new rooms to unique decorations, unlocking content is an opportunity for players to express their creativity and develop their own space in unique ways. Unlocking a range of exciting content also brings variety and interactivity to the game. Players can customize their spaces with new items, experiment with different design styles, and even participate in community activities such as incentive design and appraisals of players’ rooms. other.


First, the images in the Design Stories MOD menu are designed with the utmost care for every detail. Items, decorations, and spaces are all delicately and beautifully illustrated, creating a vibrant and lively environment. The color coordination and design elements are perfectly fine-tuned, creating a world of color and impression. In addition, the graphic effects in Design Stories are also a notable point. From the lighting and shadow effects to the movements and reactions of objects, everything is done naturally and smoothly. This creates an impressive and captivating visual experience, drawing players into the rich and colorful world of Design Stories.

Design Stories is not just a game, but also a meaningful adventure where each player can create their own story and express their creativity. With the perfect combination of design, gameplay, and graphic effects, Design Stories has proven that it deserves to be one of the best games in the mobile gaming world.

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