World of Bugs 1.9.4 (Unlimited SP, UNLIMITED UPGRADE POINTS, NO ADS) MOD APK

World of Bugs 1.9.4 (Unlimited SP, UNLIMITED UPGRADE POINTS, NO ADS) MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - May 18, 2024
World of Bugs MOD APK 1.9.4 Android
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Naxeex Action & RPG Games
Size 100MB
Version 1.9.4 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update May 18, 2024 (13 hours ago )

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World of Bugs is an exciting adventure and puzzle game where you are transported into a magical world of insects. In this game, you will play the role of a researcher and explore forests, deserts, and caves to learn about insect diversity. With a combination of puzzles, adventure, and nature education, World of Bugs MOD is a great choice for everyone who loves the natural world and wants to explore insects. Get ready to start your adventure in this magical world and discover the mysteries of the World of Bugs!

Download World of Bugs MOD APK – Adventure and Explore the Life of Insects

In World of Bugs MOD APK 1.9.4, you will venture on a magical journey, exploring and learning about the rich lives of insects. You will be immersed in the pristine landscape of natural environments, from deep forests, and barren deserts to mysterious caves. Each environment offers different experiences and richness of insect life. You will discover unique insect species, observe their behavior and prepare their habitat.

World of Bugs mod apk

Insect diversity

Coming to World of Bugs, you will meet and learn about hundreds of different species of insects, each with unique and fascinating characteristics. You’ll meet butterflies of various shapes and colors, from the bright red Monarch butterfly to the mysterious turquoise Morpho butterfly, you’ll see bees buzzing around flowers, collecting honey, and building peacock hives. working, meeting ants that build nests and collect food for the whole colony, diverse species of beetles, from those that live on the ground to those that live in the water. In particular, you will meet a talented hunter named Spider.

Difficult task

Your first task may be to explore and research insect habitats. You will be led through deep forests, barren deserts, and mysterious caves to observe and document insects and their habitats. Observe and record how insects interact with the environment and each other, from finding food to building nests and raising young. Collecting waste, planting trees, or building protective structures, improves habitat for insects and aids in maintaining ecological balance. Collect samples and conduct experiments to increase your understanding and knowledge of the world of these tiny creatures.

Rich living environment

In the deep forest, you will encounter beautiful butterflies, and bees buzzing around flowers and building nests in the leaves. The desert is where beetles live. In the cave, you can meet predatory spiders, bats, and insects that enter the cave looking for shelter. You will see water flies, water spiders, and other insects living in and near the water. You can meet bees, grasshoppers, and many other insects in the lush green gardens.

Defense weapon system

In World of Bugs MOD APK, to protect the habitat of insects and yourself from threats, you will need to use a defensive weapon system. Spraying is one of the most popular defense tools for killing pests such as flies, mosquitoes, and ants. Using traps is an effective way to control insect populations in your environment. You can also use edible foods such as seeds, mines, or toxic substances to attract and kill harmful insects.

With its diversity and abundance of insects, World of Bugs offers you an educational and fun experience, helping you better understand the natural world around you. Continue to explore and share your passion for the world of insects, and always remember that every creature contributes to the diversity and richness of our planet.

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