Merge Archers 1.5.2 Menu PRO, Full Money, No Ads MOD APK

Merge Archers 1.5.2 Menu PRO, Full Money, No Ads MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - May 8, 2024
Merge Archers MOD APK 1.5.2 Android
Requires Android 5.0
Size 105MB
Version 1.5.2 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update May 8, 2024 (2 weeks ago )

Download Merge Archers Of MODEDPURE


Get ready for archery battles in MODEDPURE‘s Merge Archers. The action gameplay is combined with archery elements. You will play as an archer to participate in the matches. Stand on a castle to attack enemies in the opposite castle. Aim to shoot them all down and survive to win. From there, you will complete the assigned tasks and receive attractive rewards. This is a game provided by the publisher CASUAL AZUR GAMES. When participating can play completely free in offline mode. However, to unlock equipment and upgrades will have to use the game’s unique currency. To be able to earn money will have to go through battles and complete challenges.

Download Merge Archers MOD APK – Archery War Between Two Citadel

Based on the content of the game revolves around the battle to attack the castle. Through it to perform tasks according to each level. At each level opens a battle between the archer units of the two blue and red castles. In the role of an archer standing on a castle to perform a task. Use your bow and shoot arrows at enemies in the opposite castle. The goal is to shoot them all down after the attacks to win. From there will complete the task in a level and get the bonus. At the same time, you can accumulate percentage points to unlock new equipment. Then comes the battle of the next level with challenges waiting ahead.Merge Archers MOD

Difficulty increases when reaching the next level

The battle will become even more dramatic after reaching the new level. Accordingly, there will be many changing factors that make the difficulty of the task increase. The number of enemies increased larger than before, and they were reinforced with many new assistants. Not only has a higher hit rate but also improved stamina. Make you have to attack accurately and many times to destroy. Not stopping there, if, after many attacks, you can’t hit the enemy and destroy it. From there you can receive failure and have to start over. Because the accuracy of the enemy forces in the opposite tower will increase after each shot.Merge Archers MOD

The gameplay takes place

Based on the turn attack gameplay that takes place in the game Merge Archers. The course of the battle between the archers of the two castles. Each faction will attack in turn when it is their turn. Follow the touch and drag mechanism to adjust the firing angle, along with the force. You need to observe the distance from your castle to the opponent. From there, adjust the shooting angle and force precisely to be able to hit. Moreover, going through the battles will have to constantly improve skills. Aim to accurately shoot at the head of the enemy to deal the greatest damage. Thereby increasing the win rate higher after each attack.Download Merge Archers MOD

Recruit and merge units

Follow each level with increasing difficulty. To be able to destroy the enemy force in the opposite castle. Need to strengthen the tower on your side. Recruit archer units to increase their numbers. As well as merging archers together to evolve into a new unit. From there, it is equipped with more defensive items, as well as improved attack ability after shooting arrows. According to each rank of the archer, after each merge, there will be many changes. Not only the number of arrows fired per turn increase. And stamina is also enhanced, can withstand many arrows from enemies when hit.

Carry out the quests

Experience archery matches in the game. You also have to perform many different tasks. Here the game provides a list of specific tasks. For example, kill 20 enemies, and headshot 6 enemy units. Complete level 3, and win the boss battle. There are many other missions that will be opened one after another after completing the previous challenges. Based on the difficulty of each task, you will receive gold coins with the corresponding amount. Accordingly, the more difficult tasks are completed, the larger the amount will be received.Merge Archers MOD APK

In addition to using bows and arrows to attack enemies in Merge Archers. You can also use many other weapons to bring better effect. Through the completed levels to accumulate unlocking points. From there can receive bombs, missiles, defense shields, and much more. Each weapon will bring its own special ability when used. For example, a bomb causes an explosion, which can directly destroy a castle or cause extensive damage. Or the defensive shield will create a shield to block an attack from the enemy side.

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