World War: Fight For Freedom Menu PRO, Unlimited Full Money, Gold, One Hit MOD APK

World War: Fight For Freedom Menu PRO, Unlimited Full Money, Gold, One Hit MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - April 2, 2024
World War: Fight For Freedom MOD APK Android
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Horus Entertainment
Size 83MB
Version (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update April 2, 2024 (2 months ago )

Download World War: Fight For Freedom Of MODEDPURE


World War: Fight For Freedom by MODEDPURE is a first-person defense shooting game. Following the action gameplay is combined with shooting elements. You will use the weapon system equipped to prevent attacks from enemy forces. Non-stop attack to destroy all to win. From there successfully defend the base from invasion to control. This game is completely free to participate in offline mode. With many outstanding features provided by the system, it brings an attractive experience. From diverse weapon systems used in defensive combat. To the enemy force with many different units. Along with that is the simulated graphics system with realistic image quality.

Download World War: Fight For Freedom MOD APK – Carry out the Mission to Stop the Enemy Army To Defend the Base

Based on the campaign mode of the game World War: Fight For Freedom. Unlock level-based defense battles. Each level is divided into several stages of the attack on the enemy force with a specific number. In the role of a soldier unit equipped with an advanced weapon system. Through the first-person perspective to carry out the mission to prevent the enemy from invading the base. From there gain control on the battlefield. Over time in each match, you will have to destroy the enemy and not miss anyone. Stop each stage in turn until wiping them all out. From there can win and complete the assigned task. After that will continue to new levels.World War- Fight For Freedom MOD APK

Campaign mode

In the campaign mode of the game World War: Fight For Freedom. The battles are opened in many different locations. Includes desert, buried city, Petrogus coast, sandstorm, city of Abubung, Death Valley, and snowy mountains. There are a number of other locations that will be opened in turn each time the conditions are met. Each location will be divided into 9 stages. Pass each stage in turn according to the given conditions. When meeting the requirements, the system will unlock a new location to continue the campaign. Thereby there will be many factors that change, reflected in the surrounding environment. As well as extreme terrain and weather conditions.World War- Fight For Freedom MOD

Increasing difficulty

Go on missions in World War: Fight For Freedom‘s campaign mode. Difficulty will increase with many changes. Shown through the attack from the enemy force is more intense than before. Not only was the number of enemies increased, but they also reinforced many new units. Simultaneously divided into several stages of attack in different directions. This will make it impossible for you to fight the whole thing alone. Will have to call on the military to support and use more new weapons. But besides that, there is also the opportunity to receive valuable rewards. Compared to the previous battles, the reward received after winning the new stages will increase.Game World War- Fight For Freedom MOD

Enemy forces

The course of the war in World War: Fight For Freedom. Will have to fight many different units of the enemy force. Consists of armored tanks with powerful offensive and defensive capabilities. Turrets and rocket launchers have great destructive power. The helicopter is equipped with machine guns, F101 jets, and transports C-130 Hercules. There are many other enemy units that will have to face after going through the battles. Each unit will appear randomly, and attack in its own way. Their ability is also shown through endurance.

Gun system and support equipment

To counter attack from enemy forces at World War: Fight For Freedom. You will use a modern gun mounted on a pedestal. Can choose a machine gun 50mm, 75mm AT, M60, Gatling, … and many others. Each gun will fiercely attack under your control. Their capabilities are also assessed in detail through indicators. Includes damage, rate of fire, reload time, launch, number of bullets, and recoil. Besides, after choosing the main weapon to perform the defense mission. You can enhance your abilities by improving your stats. Through the use of money to conduct upgrades.Download World War- Fight For Freedom MOD

In addition to the main weapon used to attack in the game World War: Fight For Freedom. It is also possible to use more military equipment or call for support from units. Includes helicopters, jets with the role of air strikes from the sky. Or change weapons to shoot Rocket with great destructive power. Moreover, it calls for armored tanks to go to the battlefield to stop the enemy, to buy time. Besides, you can use the first aid box to restore the lost blood. From there, increase the survivability to continue the base defense match.

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