World of Tanks Blitz Menu PRO, Unlimited Full Money MOD APK

World of Tanks Blitz Menu PRO, Unlimited Full Money MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - March 13, 2024
World of Tanks Blitz MOD APK Android
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Wargaming Group
Size 258MB
Version (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update March 13, 2024 (2 months ago )

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Ready to join the tank battles of MODEDPURE‘s World of Tanks Blitz. Carry out attack missions against enemy forces on vast battlefields. Through the 7vs7 gameplay mechanism randomly opened in various locations, you will assume the role of a soldier to control a tank. You have full control to carry out various operations. Cooperate with teammates to deploy the most effective strategies. The goal is to destroy the entire enemy force to win. This game is an action game combined with shooting elements. Along with that is a graphics system built on a sharp 3D platform. With vivid image quality and realistic sound effects.

Learn about games World of Tanks Blitz MOD APK – Tank Battle By 7vs7 Action Mechanism

Based on the 7vs7 action gameplay taking place on the battlefield. Along with the online PvP mode with real players. Playing as a soldier to control your tank. Accompanying other teammates to compete against the opposing faction. In real-time battles lasting up to 7 minutes, you will have to cooperate with others to carry out the attack. Fight against the enemy and eliminate each opponent one by one. Reduce their forces until you shoot them all down. From there, you will achieve victory and end a match. In addition, after the countdown reaches 0 and both teams still have tanks capable of fighting, the system will classify the winner based on the number of kills.World of Tanks Blitz MOD

Open and free gameplay

Based on open gameplay that takes place in battles. You and your teammates and opponents can freely control tanks to move. There are no restrictions on actions or engagement range. Everyone can freely attack in their own way. But to achieve the best results, a coordinated attack and support strategy will be needed. At the same time, you can use various support devices during combat.

For example, first aid kits, signal horns, scopes, special ammunition, and more. Each device will bring its own special ability when used. For example, a scope helps you observe from a longer range. Special ammunition increases damage when hitting enemies. Or first aid kits restore lost HP to increase survival rate.Game World of Tanks Blitz MOD

Battle locations

The tank battles of World of Tanks Blitz will take place in various locations. Including forests, deserts, abandoned cities, and the coastline. There are many other locations to be discovered after joining. According to the information provided, the game has 25 locations for players to enjoy. Each place is a large simulated battlefield with its own environment. The differences are shown through the surrounding scenery, terrain, and weather conditions. For example, in the desert under intense sunlight, you will have to fight on golden sand. Or in the forest with rows of green trees covering, making it easy to hide and difficult to detect.World of Tanks Blitz MOD APK

Over 350 tanks

The game offers a huge tank arsenal. Including over 350 different types designed uniquely. They are all real tanks from history, for example, from World War II. Especially, they are designed based on drawings by famous engineers. They are produced by many countries with outstanding weapon development. Examples include the MS-1 of the U.S.S.R, T1 Cunningham of the U.S.A, Leichttraktor of Germany, Vickers Medium Mk I of the U.K, and Renault Otsu of Japan. These are some named tank models, there are many more waiting to be discovered.

Upgrade statistics

The capabilities of tanks are evaluated through various parameters. Including defense, attack speed, reload time, and range. Therefore, you can upgrade parts to improve combat power. Through the hull, turret, and gun to perform upgrades. By using earned currency to gradually improve each part. From there, the statistics will be higher than the initial state. In addition, to unlock new tanks, they need to be purchased. Each type will require a different amount of money.Download World of Tanks Blitz MOD

Experience the tank shooting game of World of Tanks Blitz. You can join a clan to fight alongside other members. Cooperate with each other in ranked battles. Or compete with other clans to determine the winning team. From there, collect rewards and valuable currency to use for enhancements. But to be able to defeat enemy forces in battles, personal skills and the team’s battle plan are needed. Because the battles will be fierce, if the entire team is defeated, it means failure.

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