War Robots Multiplayer Battles 10.1.0 Menu PRO, Unlimited Full Lots of Money, Full Gold, Fast Run MOD APK

War Robots Multiplayer Battles 10.1.0 Menu PRO, Unlimited Full Lots of Money, Full Gold, Fast Run MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - May 15, 2024
War Robots Multiplayer Battles MOD APK 10.1.0 Android
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher UPWAKE.ME
Size 187MB
Version 10.1.0 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update May 15, 2024 (3 days ago )

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War Robots Multiplayer Battles of MODEDPURE introduces intense robot battles. Engage in various themed game modes as a commanding officer controlling robots to carry out actions. Your mission is to compete against opponents on a vast battlefield. Control your robots with precision to execute accurate attacks. Aim to eliminate enemy forces to achieve victory and complete assigned missions. This game falls under the action category, combining elements of shooting. You can play in multiplayer online mode or enjoy the exciting offline mode for free. Additionally, you will appreciate the realistic 3D graphics and immersive sound quality.

Learn about games War Robots Multiplayer Battles MOD APK – Intense Battles Between Robot Warriors on the Battlefield

Get ready to participate in team battles in the game’s team mode. The 6vs6 action mechanism takes place on a large battlefield. You will control a robot and team up with five other teammates. Your task is to launch attacks against enemy forces and capture control points. The battle unfolds in real-time, with a countdown of up to 10 minutes. To win, you must capture all the control points and prevent the enemy from recapturing them. Conversely, if the enemy captures the control points first, your team will fail. This results in losing the battle and not receiving valuable rewards at the end.War Robots Multiplayer Battles MOD


The gameplay takes place during battles between robots, allowing freedom of movement and various actions. You can also deploy strategies with teammates to coordinate against enemy forces and achieve required objectives in each battle. The intuitive control mechanism allows you to use virtual joystick features to navigate and move. Combine this with equipped weapons for attacking. Additionally, use healing devices to increase survival rates. You can also activate an energy shield for self-protection for a certain period.Game War Robots Multiplayer Battles MOD

Single Mode

Are you confident in your robot control skills? The War Robots Multiplayer Battles game also offers a single mode. In this mode, you will participate in non-faction battles on the battlefield. Each robot represents a faction and engages in real-time survival battles. Use equipped firepower and main weapons to attack enemies. The goal is to eliminate opponents and survive until the end of the battle. After winning, you will receive valuable rewards for transactions. Unlock and upgrade robots to enhance combat abilities. This mode requires player skills and experience, so continuous improvement and training over time are necessary.War Robots Multiplayer Battles MOD APK

Free Mode

Experience the free mode in the game. Here, you can compete against other AI-controlled robot opponents. This mode allows offline play without the need for an internet connection. Opponents are all AI-controlled robots, which helps improve combat skills. Additionally, you can earn resources after defeating opponents and winning each battle. However, the difficulty level increases with each new battle. The enemy’s attacking force poses greater challenges, making it harder to resist and potentially resulting in failure if unable to withstand the enemy’s attacks.

Over 50 Robot Warriors

Currently, the game offers over 50 different robots, including Griffin, Fujin, Leo, Raijin, Kid, and many more. Each robot is uniquely designed with its own distinctive style. You can easily recognize them through their size, shape, and component parts. Their abilities are evaluated in detail through various parameters. You can explore these details to discover the strengths of each type of robot, such as attack power, movement speed, HP, and durability. To unlock higher-level robots, you will need to use resources and meet the required quantity to unlock them, allowing you to control new robots in battles.Download War Robots Multiplayer Battles MOD

War Robots Multiplayer Battles also provides a wide range of equipment and weapons for robots. The arsenal includes various types of weapons, such as continuous-firing machine guns, high-temperature flamethrowers, laser guns, missile launchers, bombs, and more. Each weapon type, when equipped, delivers significant destructive power and attacks in its own unique style. Additionally, there are numerous accessories and equipment to use, allowing you to change the appearance and enhance the prominence of your robots.

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