The Ghost 1.40.2 Menu PRO, Immortal, Quick Run, XP, Unlock All MOD APK

The Ghost 1.40.2 Menu PRO, Immortal, Quick Run, XP, Unlock All MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - May 15, 2024
The Ghost - Survival Horror MOD APK 1.40.2 Android
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Gameplier
Size 395MB
Version 1.40.2 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update May 15, 2024 (3 days ago )

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The Ghost is a horror game, built with adventure gameplay. Unlocks two different content for your enjoyment. Here the game is set in two locations, a school and a hospital. Each place recreates its own environment, and participants can learn the story in each location. With terrifying mysteries and dangers waiting ahead. According to the online multiplayer mode, each adventure has a maximum participation of 5 people. But to participate will have to be connected to the network. Besides, it increases the realism of the journey full of horror. Publisher Gameplier has built sharp 3D-based graphics. With picture quality in a dark space. Sound effects are reproduced realistically. Incorporating bass melodies gives you a scary feeling during the experience.

Download The Ghost MOD MOD APK – Puzzle Game Horror Adventure

Role-play as a character in The Ghost. Go through the first-person perspective to start the adventure. Choose a place to enter the journey. Follow the puzzle gameplay in a dark space. You will have to perform tasks corresponding to your role. Find hidden objects and devices in many areas. Then use them in the next activities. Aim to overcome the challenge to survive the dangers. Or become a fearsome hunter, finding prey and killing them before escaping. Depending on your play style, you can choose your location and role to perform the mission.The Ghost MOD

The story in New Wishlist

Learn the story of The Ghost at New Wishlie Hospital. Here you are a patient in the hospital for 2 weeks. Early the next morning is the time to be discharged from the hospital, from which you can return to your home. But something unexpected happened that changed all plans. A strange noise wakes you up at 2 o’clock at night. All the patients in other rooms disappeared without a trace. Only you and a few others are lucky to exist. At the same time the hospital had become a ruin, there seemed to have been a commotion. After a period of research, through the press, you have discovered that this hospital is haunted. Now you and your friends will have to find a way to escape. Aim to protect yourself and leave the hospital alive.Game The Ghost MOD

The gameplay takes place

Based on the hospital story of The Ghost by MODEDPURE. You play as a patient, accompanying other friends. Find a way to escape from the onslaught of scary monsters in the hospital. Thereby will have to cooperate with each other to carry out activities. Find objects, and solve puzzles to find your way out of the hospital. That process can lose its life at any time if it encounters a monster. Therefore, you need to be careful in all situations. At the same time, perform the task according to the suggestion from the system to be able to escape. For example, searching for batteries, collecting car keys, and fuel tanks. Then move to the vehicle location to start the engine and leave.The Ghost MOD APK

High school story

Explore the high school story in the game The Ghost. Revolving around two characters Emily and Leila, they are two close friends. They live together in a small house, located in a deserted town. Usually, every Sunday, two people will visit the cemetery together. But for some unknown reason, this time Emily felt something was wrong. In the heart of the girl told that it would be better to stay at home. Since then she has decided to stay at home leaving Leila alone. Then, look through the window at the girl’s departing figure. Emily saw a strange creature appear and get inside Leila’s body.

Mission by story

Continue the story of The Ghost when the next day comes. Everything was going typically, but after going to school something scary happened. Emily does not see Leila going to school, instead the tragedy of the appearance of a strange creature. It relentlessly attacked and destroyed, causing panic in the school. Accordingly, you will accompany Emily and the other students. Fight the terrifying creature to help Leila escape the monster while protecting the school.Download The Ghost MOD

Participating in the game The Ghost can also choose to play the role of a monster or creature in each story. Instill fear in everyone in the hospital or school. At the same time carry out offensive actions to kill the survivors. Do not let anyone exist, from there can complete the quest. However, if you choose to become a monster, there will be no support. Instead, it must be left alone to fend off attacks from everyone.

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