Tanks A Lot 6.600 Menu PRO, Full Money, Diamonds, Immortal MOD APK

Tanks A Lot 6.600 Menu PRO, Full Money, Diamonds, Immortal MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - May 15, 2024
Tanks A Lot MOD APK 6.600 Android
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Highcore Labs LLC
Size 162MB
Version 6.600 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update May 15, 2024 (3 days ago )

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Tanks A Lot by MODEDPURE is an action game with tank shooting battles. Role-play as a soldier unit with the right to control an armored tank. Then join the battlefield to compete with opponents. The different game, modes open the matches in many themes. A top-down view will give you an overall view. Thereby controlling the tank to move and attack the enemy with the goal of destruction. Try to bombard many enemy tanks in large numbers for excellent achievements. From there can win and complete the assigned task. This is a game built on a 3D platform. Recreate environments and landscapes with sharp image quality.

Download Tanks A Lot MOD APK – Real-Time Competitive Tank Wars

Based on 3vs3 action gameplay that takes place on various maps of Tanks A Lot. Through the online competitive mode Team Deathmatch. You will control your tank and accompany two other teammates. Fight together against the opposing team on the vast map. Deploy strategies and work together to attack enemy forces. During the maximum 2-minute countdown, the two factions will fiercely attack with the goal of shooting down the enemy. The goal is to score points based on the number of enemies shot down on the battlefield. After the countdown reaches zero, the battle will end. Based on the achievements between the two factions, the side with the larger kill points will win.Tanks A Lot MOD

The gameplay takes place

The course of the tank shooting battle of the game Tanks A Lot. According to the open gameplay, you can control the tank to move freely on the battlefield. Hide in the bushes so as not to be detected by the enemy. At the same time based on the real-time combat mechanism is taking place. After being bombarded will be revived again for a certain period of time. From there, you can continue the battle with your teammates. Besides, it must also be noted that the number of ammunition of each weapon equipped on the tank will be limited. After continuously attacking will consume a large amount of mana, it takes time to cool down before you can continue to use it.Game Tanks A Lot MOD

3 game modes left

In addition to the online mode, the team battle takes place in Tanks A Lot. The game also offers 3 other modes for everyone to enjoy. Includes survival, chaotic combat, and soccer. In each mode, there are tank battles according to their own themes. The request must comply with the rules given by the system. At the same time, perform the tasks according to the individual gameplay in each mode of participation.

  • Survival mode: Take place in battles between tanks on the map. With no teammates to support, each unit is a faction and attacks each other. The goal is to be the last remaining unit on the battlefield to win. From there, prove your skills and experience.
  • Chaos mode: Fierce attack between tank control units. They constantly attack each other to gain valuable resources.
  • Soccer mode: Instead of shooting to destroy opponents on the battlefield. Here will control the tank to move the ball on the playing field. Score points by putting the ball into the goal that the opponent is guarding.

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Get many valuable rewards

After winning tank battles in Tanks A Lot modes. From there will have the opportunity to receive many attractive rewards. It is a resource of purple stones and gold coins and randomly receives tank parts. Thereby, they can be used for many different activities. For example, use gold coins to upgrade parts. From there, improve the stats to help your tank become stronger. Or using purple stone can buy valuable items in the game store. There are more attractive rewards that will be discovered by you after completing the assigned tasks. Even if they can only be earned through rewards, cannot use the money to buy.Tanks A Lot MOD APK

At Tanks A Lot it is possible to design your own tank with two different parts categories. That is the weapon system and the vehicle platform. Each category has many options for you to use. For example there are many types of offensive weapons such as rotating machine guns, laser guns, bazookas, electromagnetic railguns, napalm bombs,… and many more. Each weapon will attack in its own style. Their abilities are expressed through stats such as damage and range. Besides, there are many types of pedestals used. Includes a robot-style stand, chains, wheels,… and more.

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