Sweet Crossing Menu PRO, Full Skin, Immortal, Unlimited Full Money MOD APK

Sweet Crossing Menu PRO, Full Skin, Immortal, Unlimited Full Money MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - April 20, 2024
Sweet Crossing MOD APK Android
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Moonton
Size 117MB
Version (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update April 20, 2024 (4 weeks ago )

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Sweet Crossing of MODEDPURE is an action game based on the inspiration from the snake game. But here the gameplay was played on a completely different theme. Accordingly, you will control the cute animal dragging a lovely animal or other object. From there move freely on a large lawn to collect resources. The goal is to constantly grow, improve in size, as well as score. Rise up the leaderboards of the best players. Show off your skills based on the ranked position achieved. This is a game built on 2.5D graphics. With image quality is reproduced sharp. Combine effects and sounds are reproduced vividly.

Download Sweet Crossing MOD APK – Garden Animal Survival Io

Similar to the snake game genre. The gameplay of the game Sweet Crossing takes place in a large garden. With so many different animals, the tail is a cute animal or object. Can freely move in the garden to collect resources. At the same time have to compete with other animals to survive. That process can lose your life at any time if you make a mistake or are not careful. From there will become growth food for other animals, by losing their lives. Then will have to participate in a new garden and start over from the starting line. To be able to rise to the top on the leaderboard. You will have to spend a lot of time while maintaining life to have a chance to achieve that goal.Sweet Crossing MOD

Control mechanism

The control mechanism of the game Sweet Crossing is designed to be intuitive. When joining you just need to touch the icons displayed on the screen. From there, it will be easy to move, as well as perform speed-increasing activities over a short distance. Here the game uses a virtual joystick feature displayed in the left corner of the screen. Just tap and rotate to navigate and move your animal. Besides, it can be combined with the lightning bolt icon displayed in the right corner of the screen. This is energy, which, once activated, accelerates faster for a short distance. In addition, the game also displays a mini-map, as well as information about your rank on the leaderboard to track.Game Sweet Crossing MOD

Many resources

Survival adventure on the vast garden of the game Sweet Crossing. Various resources can be obtained. Includes colorful jellies such as red hearts, blue, yellow, purple, and more round jellies. They appear in large numbers and are scattered throughout the garden. Simultaneously generated randomly from time to time to meet the animals. But that’s still not enough if you want to grow faster. Accordingly, it is possible to find a way to defeat other animals. From there get the abundant resources that they collect during their lifetime. For example, cakes, chocolates, and heart cakes in bulk.Download Sweet Crossing MOD

Support items

Besides the resources collected to develop animals in Sweet Crossing. There is also a chance to find many boosters that randomly appear in the garden. These include magnets, shoes, growth food, and many more. Each type of item will bring its own special ability after collection to use. For example, magnets will attract all resources within a certain range. Shoes that increase movement speed or growth food will multiply by the number of resources collected. From there it is possible to develop animals to increase in size and length greater than normal growth.

Equal pay

Based on the equality mechanism that takes place in the game Sweet Crossing. Over time, the size of the animals will have different changes. But they can all lose their lives if they collide with the body of any animal. Even animals that rank high on the charts possess larger sizes and lengths. But if you touch the body of a small animal, you will also lose your life. Based on the length of the body, it will convert into a resource to make food for other animals.Sweet Crossing MOD APK

Sweet Crossing game has many different animals for you to discover. Includes blue dolphins, penguins, roosters, dairy cows, rabbits,… and many more. Each animal is cutely sculpted and carries a lovely expression. The difference between them is shown in the color of the body hair. At the same time, their bodies are other cute little animals. For example, chickens and ducklings are still in their eggshells. Or tiny pigs, even objects like cameras, televisions and more.

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