Super Stickman Heroes Fight 4.0 Menu PRO, Unlimited Full Money, Unlocked MOD APK

Super Stickman Heroes Fight 4.0 Menu PRO, Unlimited Full Money, Unlocked MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - April 2, 2024
Super Stickman Heroes Fight MOD APK 4.0 Android
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Onegame Studio Global
Size 131MB
Version 4.0 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update April 2, 2024 (2 months ago )

Download Super Stickman Heroes Fight Of MODEDPURE


Become a superhero in MODEDPURE‘s Super Stickman Heroes Fight. Then participate in 1vs1 head-to-head matches on randomly generated maps. Use power to execute precise attacks. Combine agile movement to dodge, to limit the amount of blood loss. The goal is to beat the opponent and win. From there receive bonuses to use on upgrading and unlocking activities. This is an action game that combines fighting elements. Thereby opening up many different game modes to enjoy. Different rules and requirements need to be done. At the same time, experience the 3D animation style graphics system. Combine vivid sound effects.

Download Super Stickman Heroes Fight MOD APK – Super Heroes Fight

Follow the gameplay of Super Stickman Heroes Fight to participate in Story mode. Unlock battle levels with multiple opponents in locations. Each level takes place in a 1vs1 fighting battle between two superheroes. Accordingly, you will choose to play the role of a hero. Then start the fight with the opponent to find the winner. Use the role-playing character’s skill set to perform offensive moves. Beat the target to finish and complete the mission in a level. Based on the achievements achieved will receive corresponding bonuses. Then comes the battle at the next level. Facing another opponent that hides superior strength.Super Stickman Heroes Fight MOD

1vs1 fighting style

The process of fighting 1vs1 fighting between superheroes in Super Stickman Heroes Fight. The fighting was extremely dramatic and intense. They use powerful attacks to damage the opponent’s health. At the same time can use special powers to unleash energy. Create a fierce attack combo, making the opponent unable to dodge and receive defeat. But over time, after going through the battles will have to face stronger opponents than before. Thereby requiring skills to be improved, as well as experience to be cultivated. Only then can you overcome your opponents to win.Download Super Stickman Heroes Fight MOD

Game Modes

Besides the Story mode of Super Stickman Heroes Fight. The game also opens up many other modes for you to explore. Includes Versus, PvP, Training, Tournament, and Power Challenge. Each mode opens up fighting matches according to its own gameplay. When participating must perform the task, as well as comply with the required rules.

  • Versus mode: Open matches against each opponent to compare strength. The gameplay is similar to Story mode, but you can choose your opponent in the fight.
  • PvP mode: Requires a network connection, because the online battle will take place. The opponent is a real player, they will control the superhero to engage with you in the match. From there, rank winners and losers based on the results achieved.
  • Training mode: For beginners, who do not understand the game mechanics well. Accordingly, the system will guide how to play, as well as use the control mechanism. From there, you can get used to the gameplay to participate in matches in other modes.
  • Tournament Mode: Open a competitive tournament between superheroes. They must pass each opponent, in turn, to be able to advance to the next round. The goal is to overcome all to become the champion.
  • Power Challenge Mode: Challenge your superhero’s fighting skills. Compete with each opponent in turn until the amount of health is exhausted.

Game Super Stickman Heroes Fight MOD

Many superheroes role play

The superheroes in the Super Stickman Heroes Fight game are all inspired by famous movies. There are some names like Iron Man, Spider-Man, thunder god Thor, Hulk, Super Man, … and many more. Each character is shaped in its own distinctive style. The difference between them can be seen through their clothes and hairstyles. But here, the unique Stickman-style character-building system. Therefore, superheroes do not have facial parts.Super Stickman Heroes Fight MOD APK

The abilities of the superheroes in Super Stickman Heroes Fight are shown through the stats. Includes Strength, Level, Rank, Energy, Attack, Speed, and HP. Accordingly, to be able to improve the stats will have to win the matches. From there will accumulate experience points to increase to new levels. Furthermore, by winning rank matches, you can increase your Rank. At the same time, you can also choose one of the different types of power in the fight. When enough energy is stored, it can be used to explode to create a fierce attack. Examples are Final Blast, Hame attack ball, and Spider flash.

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