Stickman Pirates Fight 5.9 Menu PRO, Unlimited Full Lots of Money gems tickets, unlock all characters MOD APK

Stickman Pirates Fight 5.9 Menu PRO, Unlimited Full Lots of Money gems tickets, unlock all characters MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - April 26, 2024
Stickman Pirates Fight MOD APK 5.9 Android
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher PhanGia
Size 137MB
Version 5.9 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update April 26, 2024 (3 weeks ago )

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Stickman Pirates Fight opens up stickman battles built with pirate-style content. The game is inspired by the famous anime cartoon One Piece. With the participation of familiar characters in the pirate crew. Accordingly, you will participate in matches in different game modes. Follow the rules and compete directly with opponents in the arena. The goal is to beat to win, which in turn will complete the mission. This is an action game that takes place in a 1vs1 fighting style. Released by PhanGia with many interesting features waiting to be discovered. From the outstandingly designed graphics system with sharp image quality. Until the simulated sound effects come to life.

Download Stickman Pirates Fight MOD APK – 1vs1 Battle Between Pirates

Stickman Pirates Fight game builds a vivid 3D-based graphics system. Recreate sharp environments with bright image quality. Combining outstanding stickman-style character creation. Along with that, there are vivid effects shown through skills and moves when used. Simulate different colored light streams when using attack skills. To increase the experience during the game. Besides the graphics, there is also a high-quality sound system. Recreate the echoes and voiceovers of each character during combat. At the same time, the sound will be changed flexibly according to each action taking place in the arena.Game Stickman Pirates Fight MOD

Tournament mode

Take part in the battles in the tournament mode of Stickman Pirates Fight. With the participation of many stickman characters from all over the world, they are all real players. Through each match directly compete to be able to win. From there, it will move deeper into the next round. Face another opponent of the same rank with the goal of defeating and winning. In turn, going through each round can progress to the final round. Here, the battle to win the championship with the opponent. If become the one to pass all the rounds to win the final match. You will become the champion of the tournament.Stickman Pirates Fight MOD

Story mode

Based on the content of the game Stickman Pirates Fight in MODEDPURE. Unleash stickman battles in story mode. Through it to participate in the matches according to each level. At each level, there is a 1vs1 confrontation. Role-play as a stickman warrior in the anime movie One Piece to participate. Face a randomly generated opponent in each level. Show evasive skills, as well as precise attacks to deal damage. The goal is to beat and win to end the match, thereby completing the mission. After that, you will be rewarded based on the difficulty of the level, as well as the achievements.Stickman Pirates Fight MOD APK

The challenge increases

Come to the battle in the next level of Stickman Pirates Fight with challenges waiting ahead. Accordingly, you will have to face a new opponent with superior combat ability. Shown through the attack power, as well as the damage caused after the moves. Moreover, there is the ability to flexibly dodge your attacks. This will be very difficult to win. Requires skill to be executed precisely and creates powerful combos. Deal massive damage to your opponent to cause a quick drop in health. Along with the difficulty, the reward received after winning the battle will also increase more than before.

Achievements by number of stars

Achievements at each level of Stickman Pirates Fight are shown by the number of stars. Accordingly, in a battle of absolute victory, a maximum of 3 stars can be achieved. Each star will correspond to a specific task to be performed. For example, defeat the opponent, and end the match within the specified time. Win with a minimum remaining health of 50% or more. Go to the next levels with increased difficulty. The requested task will change and be more difficult to complete than before. Need to defeat the opponent and make sure the health is at least 80%. Or end the match in a short time and perform a special skill with the specified number of times.Download Stickman Pirates Fight MOD

The character system in Stickman Pirates Fight is inspired by the pirates in the famous One Piece. These include Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Whitebeard, Red-haired Shank,… and many more. The characters are all shaped in a prominent stickman style. The difference between them is reflected in their appearance, outstanding costumes, and hairstyles. But the biggest thing the characters have in common is the lack of facial expressions and parts. Besides, each character has its own set of skills and combat characteristics. Their abilities are systematically built based on each character in the One Piece movie. At the same time, strength is also shown through stats such as attack, health, speed, and explosive power.

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