Sky Combat 8.0 Menu PRO, Full money, diamonds, Unlock planes MOD APK

Sky Combat 8.0 Menu PRO, Full money, diamonds, Unlock planes MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - May 15, 2024
Sky Combat MOD APK 8.0 Android
Requires Android 8.0
Publisher Azur Interactive Games Limited
Size 420MB
Version 8.0 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update May 15, 2024 (3 days ago )

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Ready to engage in aerial combat in the game Sky Combat by MODEDPURE. With a combination of shooting and action gameplay, you will become a pilot in control of a fighter jet. Your mission is to control the vast sky and fight against intense enemy attacks. Shoot down all enemy forces to achieve victory and complete assigned missions for valuable rewards. Based on the online PvP action mechanism, the sky battles feature players from around the world. They own their own superior aircraft with advanced operating and attacking capabilities. You will need to constantly improve your skills and experience to become more flexible.

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The game’s control mechanism is designed to be intuitive. Use the virtual joystick feature to navigate and control the speed of the aircraft. Simply touch and swipe on the screen to perform actions. You can even perform 360-degree rotations in mid-air during combat. In addition, you will have various equipped firepower to attack, displayed by different icons on the top right of the screen. These include limited-support missiles and unlimited ammunition guns. There are also other stats that you will learn about as you participate. Furthermore, the game features a mini radar to help you observe your current position and the appearance of enemy aircraft within the surrounding range.Sky Combat MOD APK

Campaign mode

Complete combat missions in the game’s campaign mode. Engage in real-time battles in the vast sky. Here, you will control an aircraft to participate in fierce attacks. There will be no support from teammates, and you will have to fight alone against all odds. Show your skills as a professional pilot to control the aircraft and eliminate enemies. Clear all targets and complete assigned missions. This will lead to victory and valuable rewards. Then move on to the next campaign with even greater challenges ahead.Game Sky Combat MOD

Online PvP mode

Enter the PvP mode of the game Sky Combat. Meet and compete with other players in multiplayer online shooting gameplay. Each aerial battle features a maximum of 10 pilots. Following a 5vs5 action mechanism, you will team up with your allies to fight against the enemy team. Deploy strategies to attack enemy aircraft with the goal of shooting them down. This will increase your accumulated score displayed on the screen. Based on real-time gameplay, the match will end when the time runs out. The team with the higher score between the two aircraft teams will win. This will help the members of your squadron receive valuable rewards.Tai Sky Combat MOD

Battle locations

Aerial battles will take place in various locations, including hilly terrains, open seas, city skies, narrow rivers, and more. Each location reproduces different landscapes and environments. The differences are also reflected in the weather conditions, such as clear weather, intense sunlight, or thunderstorms at night. Depending on each battle, the environment will randomly change.

15 types of aircraft

Currently, the game offers 15 different types of aircraft for you to use in battles. However, besides the default unlocked aircraft at the beginning, the rest must be purchased and reached at certain levels. Some notable types include Hawker Hunter, MIG-19PM Farmer, F-101B Voodoo, MIG-21 Fished, Mirage 3, and many more. Each aircraft is designed based on real-life prototypes, reflected in their appearance, shape, and paint color. Their operational capabilities are evaluated through detailed technical specifications, including maximum speed, fuel, weight, and HP.Download Sky Combat MOD

After owning an aircraft in the game Sky Combat, you can equip weapons and firepower to enhance your attacking abilities. Each aircraft is equipped with an unlimited ammunition gun for shooting. Additionally, you can equip various types of support missiles, such as AIM-98 Sidewinder, K-13, AIM 40, Lau-3, and more. Each missile type has strong attacking capabilities and inflicts significant damage when hitting enemy aircraft. These missiles are evaluated based on their damage, flight speed, and weight.

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