ONE PIECE Bounty Rush 70100 Menu PRO, Unlimited Full Lots of Money gems diamond, unlock all characters MOD APK

ONE PIECE Bounty Rush 70100 Menu PRO, Unlimited Full Lots of Money gems diamond, unlock all characters MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - March 3, 2024
ONE PIECE Bounty Rush MOD APK 70100 Android
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Size 112MB
Version 70100 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update March 3, 2024 (3 months ago )

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Based on the popular anime series One Piece worldwide, Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc has developed the game ONE PIECE Bounty Rush. This is an action game with strategic elements. It offers various themed battles for players to enjoy, where they can gather characters from the One Piece series into a team. They can then lead them to participate in real-time intense battles, aiming to capture control points. The goal is to win and end a match. Additionally, the game features various other content and features, providing an engaging experience for players.

Learn about games ONE PIECE Bounty Rush MOD APK – Clash Between Pirate Crews in the World of One Piece

The battles in the pirate world take place in different locations, including a large ship wrecked on the ocean and famous places like Alabasta desert, Sweet City, Wano Country, and more. There are many other locations to be discovered through battles. Each location is modeled after scenes from the One Piece series, recreating the surrounding environment, terrain, weather conditions, and structures. This allows players to immerse themselves in battles between pirate crews.Game ONE PIECE Bounty Rush MOD

4vs4 Action Mode

Embark on a journey in the pirate world with challenges awaiting ahead. The 4vs4 action gameplay takes place in each adventure. Players recruit characters to form a team of four and lead them to capture control points in different locations. The mission is to resist the opposition from enemy forces, defeat them, and claim the control points by planting their pirate crew flag to assert dominance. As time goes on, flags are planted at various positions in each control point. The team that achieves this goal wins the match and completes the mission. Rewards are given based on the accomplishments, represented by the amount of Berry (in-game currency MOD APK earned.ONE PIECE Bounty Rush MOD APK

Gameplay Mechanics

The battles between two teams in ONE PIECE Bounty Rush of MODEDPURE are intense. In the final stage of a location or in any situation where two teams face each other, a fierce clash occurs. The common objective for both teams is to capture the control points and plant flags to assert dominance. This leads to dramatic and intense battles between the members of the two crews. To plant a flag, the opposing forces must be forced out of the control point area. On the other hand, if they persist in approaching and attacking, you or the remaining members won’t be able to plant a flag. This prolongs the battle, and only when one of the teams is defeated can the remaining team achieve their goal.Download ONE PIECE Bounty Rush MOD

Strategic Deployment

Strategy is an essential element in creating a powerful pirate crew. Players can choose to arrange different positions for each member, including attack, defense, and support roles. Each position has its own role in the journey at various locations. For example, the attack position is responsible for fighting against the main force of the opposing crew, while the defense position aims to prevent and hinder the enemy’s advances.

Character System

The character system in the game is designed based on the pirates in the One Piece series. It includes members of the Straw Hat Pirates crew, such as Captain Luffy, swordsman Zoro, chef Sanji, navigator Nami, and others. It also features pirates from various other crews, such as the world’s strongest swordsman Mihawk, former Warlord Kuma, Buggy, and more. Each character is rendered in 3D animation style, with differences in appearance, outfits, and styles. Moreover, each character possesses unique combat skills, allowing for diverse attack actions.ONE PIECE Bounty Rush MOD

In addition to the online 4vs4 battle mode in ONE PIECE Bounty Rush, the game also offers a single-player mode for exploration. Here, there are no teammates and no support from anyone. Instead, players have to fight alone against enemy pirate crews while completing real-time control point missions. However, this mode is easier to accomplish since the opponents are controlled by AI, rather than real players from around the world.

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