MORTAL KOMBAT 5.3.1 Menu PRO, Full Money, Characters, Damage, Skills MOD APK

MORTAL KOMBAT 5.3.1 Menu PRO, Full Money, Characters, Damage, Skills MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - April 25, 2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Warner Bros. International Enterprises
Size 1GB
Version 5.3.1 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update April 25, 2024 (4 weeks ago )



Gather a team of warriors to participate in the battles of MORTAL KOMBAT in MODEDPURE. According to the action, the gameplay is combined with fighting elements. You will have to recruit powerful warriors to form a party of up to 3 people. Then compete with other rival teams in the arena according to the 1vs1 fighting mechanism. At the same time can come with many game modes in different themes to enjoy. With dramatic and fierce matches. Requires a flexible combination of character skills and weapons used. Attack the opponent and kill them in turn until the entire enemy team is destroyed. From there it is possible to end the game and win convincingly. At the same time receive many valuable rewards, which are gold coins.

Download MORTAL KOMBAT MOD APK – Gather a Team of Warriors to Participate in Battles

Based on the single-player mode of the game MORTAL KOMBAT. Open battles in towers in various lands. Each tower takes place in a match between two teams of warriors. Accordingly, you will recruit to assemble your own team, up to 3 people. Then enter the arena to compete in head-to-head style against the opposing team. They are all powerful warriors controlled by AI. Thereby will have to defeat all enemy forces to win. From there, you can complete the mission and continue to the new tower. The challenge will increase after the start of the next match. Thereby facing other warriors, their abilities also improved.MORTAL COMBAT MOD

Multiplayer mode

Participating in the multiplayer mode of MORTAL KOMBAT will have the opportunity to compete with many other rival teams. Thereby you will control the warrior team to compete with the opponent team in the arena. Show flexible skills, combined with the attack moves of each character. Perform precise attacks to deal damage to opponents. Target drains their health and kills them. Over time, after all the warriors of either player are destroyed first. The remaining team will win and prove their ability. In this mode you need to note, the opponent is an online player. Therefore, it will lead to more dramatic and fierce matches.Game MORTAL KOMBAT MOD

Tower Conquest Mode

Test your fighting skills in MORTAL KOMBAT’s single-player tower conquest mode. Your team of warriors will face many powerful opponents. According to each floor in a tower, there will be an opponent possessing superior combat power. The goal is to defeat the enemy to win, from which you can climb to a higher floor. But the difficulty also increases after starting the match on a new level. Your opponents not only improve their abilities. It also increases combat power, making defeating goals even more difficult to complete. But besides that, there will be the opportunity to receive many valuable rewards.Download MORTAL KOMBAT MOD

Dragon’s Breath Mode

Get ready to participate in dragon breath mode battles in MORTAL KOMBAT. Unlock 5 towers with dramatic fighting battles. Also divided into different levels, in order from easy, normal, and difficult. Each level will take place the fighting between warriors according to their own gameplay. Thereby you will have to pass each tower in turn with the goal of conquering them all. Through the battles won against the warriors guarding. From there will have the opportunity to collect character cards. They can be used to unlock many new characters and add to the collection.

Mission mode and boss fight

In addition to the above modes, MORTAL KOMBAT also opens battles in a number of other modes. Includes mission mode and the boss battle. In each mode opens its own themed matches. Come to mission mode to join the fight. You need to complete the challenge specifically given by the system. Once completed will continue to participate in the new match. At the same time the task will be more difficult to complete than before. Besides, the boss battle mode takes place in an extremely tense battle. Because the opponent of the warrior group is the boss who possesses terrifying power. Thereby you need to defeat the boss to win. Then there is a chance to collect soul shards.MORTAL KOMBAT MOD APK

Currently the game MORTAL KOMBAT has 130 different characters. They are all warriors with their own set of offensive skills. The difference between each person is shown through appearance. For example, appearance, face, hairstyle, outfit. Along with that is the weapon used to attack the enemy in battle. Thereby can name some characters such as MK11 Rain, Scorpion, Shao Kahn, Nightwolf, Kitana. Much more will be discovered and unlocked after joining the game.

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