Mech Arena 3.120.6 Unlimited Full Money MOD APK

Mech Arena 3.120.6 Unlimited Full Money MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - May 15, 2024
Mech Arena MOD APK 3.120.6 Android
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Plarium Global Ltd
Size 166MB
Version 3.120.6 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update May 15, 2024 (6 days ago )

Download Mech Arena Of MODEDPURE


Get ready to take part in robot battles in MODEDPURE‘s Mech Arena game. Follow the action gameplay that takes place in a large arena. You will accompany other robots to resist the attack from enemy forces. Use the equipped weapon system to destroy enemy forces. The goal is to wipe them all out in the shortest time to win. From there end the game and get many valuable rewards. This is a game in the action category of the publisher Plarium Global Ltd. Can be played in online mode to experience all the features provided by the developer. Along with that, the graphics and sound system are simulated realistically. With a combination based on a vivid 3D background.

Download Mech Arena MOD APK – PvP Online Battle Between Robots

Based on the online PvP competitive mode in the game Mech Arena. The matches take place in the presence of many players from around the world. Accordingly, you can team up with friends or other players to create an alliance. Then enter the arena and compete with the opposing team. Each player will control their own robot. Can freely move in the arena, as well as deploy strategies with teammates. Work together to attack and destroy enemy units in real-time. The goal is to shoot them all down to be able to win. From there, not only complete tasks and receive rewards. But also have the opportunity to rise to the ranking of the best-performing robots.Mech Arena MOD

Capture mode

Before participating in the match of Mech Arena. You can choose the game mode capture or death. Each mode opens robot battles according to its own gameplay. After entering will have to perform different tasks. Accordingly, it is necessary to complete the assigned task to be able to win. Coming to the capture mode takes place according to the mechanism of 5vs5. You will join your alliance group to compete with the opposing faction. The task of moving to the strong points of the large arena. Success occupied each base in turn to assert control. Real-time takes place, and after taking all will end the game. From there win and get rewarded based on achievements.

To be able to capture a stronghold in the battle. You or the alliance party members need to move within the range of the stronghold. Then wait for a certain amount of time to gain control. But besides that, it should be noted, if not protected will be recaptured by enemy forces.Game Mech Arena MOD

Deathmatch mode 5vs5 and 2vs2

Come to the death battle mode in the game Mech Arena. Choose from 5vs5 or 2vs2 competitive combat. Real-time-based, 5 minutes countdown. On a large arena with the presence of two groups of blue and red. You and your teammates will deploy an attack strategy. Use weapons equipped on the robot to fire to destroy the enemy. The goal is to shoot down the entire enemy force to be able to win. In this mode, each battle will last until the countdown reaches 0. Or it can end sooner after the entire force of either faction is completely annihilated. Then based on the achievements of each robot will receive badge points and bonuses.Download Mech Arena MOD

25 locations

Mech Arena robot battles unfold in 25 different locations. For example, in the Forbidden City neon lights shine in each color band. Or on the Elon Gray space station under the stars. Much more will be discovered after going through the matches. Each location opens up to different contexts and surroundings. That difference is reflected in the weather conditions, as well as the construction created. Besides, the terrain in each location will be designed differently. You need to learn and get used to giving a better advantage in the fight.Mech Arena MOD APK

The Mech Arena game has dozens of robots and 35 types of weapons to equip. Each robot is shaped in its own unique style. Expressed by size, style, color, and component parts. The abilities of each type of robot are expressed in terms of mana capacity, HP, speed, skill cooldown, and strength. Besides, you can choose one of the different weapons to equip the robot. For example, rocket launchers, rapid attack fire systems, shotguns, … and much more. Each gun used will fiercely attack in its own way. Their ability is assessed through indicators. Includes damage, attack range, and cooldown.

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