King of Crabs 1.18.0 Menu PRO, Full Money, Pearls, Crab MOD APK

King of Crabs 1.18.0 Menu PRO, Full Money, Pearls, Crab MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - March 22, 2024
King of Crabs MOD APK 1.18.0 Android
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Robot Squid
Size 199MB
Version 1.18.0 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update March 22, 2024 (2 months ago )

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Building an io-style gameplay in the game King of Crabs by MODEDPURE. It introduces battles between crabs in various locations, or recreates intense conflicts under the ocean floor. You will control your own crab to participate in battles, competing with other types of crabs in a vast territory. Based on the multiplayer mode, with the participation of players from all over the world. Your opponents are real players controlling different species of crabs with different shapes and sizes. Create a fierce battle to survive and find the last surviving crab. From there, prove your abilities based on achievements, reflected through rankings and badge count.

Learn about games King of Crabs MOD APK – Io-style Survival Battle Among Crab Species

Get ready to join the battle between crab species, with a maximum of 100 species. The action-based io-style mechanism takes place without teammates or support from any alliances in the battle. Instead, each crab species is a faction and fights against each other to survive. The goal is to become stronger and rise to a high position on the leaderboard. To achieve that, you will have to go through many fierce battles to the death. Only by defeating enemies can you enhance your abilities and become stronger. As time goes on, after experiencing battles and survival, you can gain fame and power in the territory.King of Crabs MOD

Battle Locations

The battle between crab species takes place under the ocean floor and on islands. Each location opens up in different environments. The differences are reflected in the surrounding scenery and terrain conditions. Additionally, you can find many different resources to collect and enhance your abilities. For example, snails and spiral shells in various areas. Collecting them will increase experience points for accumulation, and when conditions are met, you will level up. From there, you can freely control your crab to move between two locations and fight. Hunt weaker species and attack to enhance your abilities.

Continuously collect resources from snails and spiral shells. But besides that, you can earn more experience points after defeating other crab opponents. When conditions are met, you will level up. This will bring about changes, from larger size to improved health and attack.Game King of Crabs MOD

Control Mechanism

The battles in the game King of Crabs are carried out using an intuitive control mechanism to perform various actions. You navigate the movement of the crab on the map through a virtual joystick feature. Combined with the lightning bolt icon and the letter S to perform special abilities. The lightning bolt icon will increase speed for a short period of time. Take advantage of that to escape danger or chase and attack fleeing enemies. In addition, the letter S icon is a special skill that can cause significant damage. However, it requires accumulating points until reaching the maximum to activate.Tai King of Crabs MOD

Various Crab Species

There are many different crab species for you to control and participate in survival battles. They are designed with distinct shapes in their own styles. The differences are shown through color, size, and appearance. The abilities of each species are also evaluated in detail through attack, health, and speed stats. From there, you can equip weapons and learn skills to become more powerful. At the same time, you can level up during battles to further improve your strength. Additionally, use the points obtained after achieving new milestones in each battle to increase stats. However, to obtain a new crab species, you must achieve outstanding milestones. When conditions are met, they will be unlocked one by one.Download King of Crabs MOD

Experience survival battles in the game King of Crabs. You can use different types of weapons to attack enemies. For example, hammers, shields, axes, swords, and more. Each weapon type has its own attacking style. To obtain them, you have to go through battles and collect them from reward activities. Additionally, you can stand out with a unique hat. Here, there are many different hat styles that make your crab different and stand out from other species.

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