Granny 3 1.2 Menu PRO, Immortality, Stupid Bot MOD APK

Granny 3 1.2 Menu PRO, Immortality, Stupid Bot MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - February 27, 2024
Granny 3 MOD APK 1.2 Android
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher DVloper
Size 72MB
Version 1.2 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update February 27, 2024 (3 months ago )

Download Granny 3 Of MODEDPURE


Continuation of the horror game series of publisher DVloper in the third part Granny 3. Continuing the story of the previous 2 parts about the adventure in the large house. With the arrival of Granny and Grandpa. Play as a person who is arrested in the house they live in. You will have to find a way to escape before the 5th day is over. Only then can you protect yourself and survive. The goal is to overcome obstacles to get out and enjoy a free life. But to do that will have to go through a lot of challenges. Face countless terrifying dangers on the journey. Requires your skills to be able to solve difficulties. Along with that is the rich experience of escaping from the weirdos in the house.

Download Granny 3 MOD APK – Find A Way To Survive And Safely Leave The Horror House

The background of Granny 3 opens in the old house in a dark night environment. Accordingly, you, unfortunately, get lost in this house full of horror and horror. There are Granny and Grandpa who are living here. Together with one of their nieces brought chilling eyes. Everything is too late after you realize the anomaly in the house. But can’t change his mind and leave this place easily. The best option at the moment is to protect yourself. Thereby performing various actions and carefully calculating each step. The target does not make a sound to avoid attention from people living in the house. At the same time, you must leave this place before the 5th-day ends.Granny 3 MOD

The members who live in the house

Find a way to survive the eccentrics in the house you’ve strayed into in Granny 3. Accordingly, you will have to learn each person’s personality to increase your chances of survival. Granny is a woman with very good ears, able to hear small noises in the house. Grandpa is a man who always carries a pistol with a hobby of shooting. Although it can’t hear as well as Granny, it will fire attack bullets as soon as it detects an intruder. Next to it was the mysterious granddaughter of the two of them. Can appear unexpectedly anywhere in the house and bring a sense of fear. Thereby, you will have to find ways to not draw attention to them. If not, it may cost your life.Game Granny 3 MOD

Open gameplay in first person

The course of the adventure in the horror house of Granny 3 at MODEDPURE. Be free to perform actions in your own way. Based on the open gameplay that takes place in the first person. It is possible to go through different rooms in the house to find the way out. But besides that, to be able to survive will have to take actions intelligently. Be careful in every step you move, as well as calculate each activity to be performed. For example, if you accidentally make a noise, quickly move to another area before Granny detects your existence. Or as soon as you see a small grandchild in the house, change direction and leave immediately.Granny Ears 3 MOD

Take action

In the journey to find a way out of the horror house in Granny 3. First you need to protect yourself, make sure to survive against the living members. Then will have to search for objects, through direct interaction. For example, look for the hacksaw to cut off the holding door. Collect keys and open mysterious doors. Or hide from the living. At the same time, the process will uncover many scary secrets. For example, find the teddy bear and move into the niece’s room. After throwing it on the wooden bed will discover a scary spirit. There are many more secrets to be discovered in this horror adventure.Download Granny 3 MOD

Based on the content of the game Granny 3 to perform the task. Go through each day with various activities waiting to be discovered. Every day takes a challenging journey in the big house. Accordingly, actions will have to be taken to be able to safely survive. At the same time try to leave the house. Accordingly, it is necessary to find a way to leave this place after 5 days. Otherwise, you will lose your life and have to admit defeat. But to do that will have to overcome many challenges. It takes your careful calculation to overcome all obstacles. Only then can the task be completed. But it should be noted, after every day will have to face more and more difficulties. If you are not careful or make a mistake in calculating the next action, you will be in danger.

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