Free Fire 1.104.1 Menu PRO, Auto Head Shot, Antena, INVISIBLE, Wall, ANTI MOD APK

Free Fire 1.104.1 Menu PRO, Auto Head Shot, Antena, INVISIBLE, Wall, ANTI MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - May 18, 2024
Free Fire MOD APK 1.104.1 Android
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Garena International I
Size 516MB
Version 1.104.1 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update May 18, 2024 (3 days ago )

Download Free Fire Of MODEDPURE


Free Fire MAX is an action shooting game. Open up dramatic and fierce battles in the arena. Accordingly, you will role-play as a character or pet to participate. Use weapons searched on the map or choose to equip. Then attack against enemy forces to destroy them all. Successfully survive the battle against time to achieve excellence. This game is published by Garena International I. Provides many interesting and exciting features for everyone to enjoy. Thereby you have the opportunity to fight in many different modes. As well as a diverse weapon system to use to attack. Along with graphics built on a sharp 3D platform. Combine realistic sound effects.

Download Free Fire MOD APK – Role-play as a Gunman to join the fight

There are many different characters to choose from in MODEDPURE‘s Free Fire MAX. Each character is shaped in its own distinctive style. The difference between them is shown in gender, appearance, and clothing. Moreover, it is possible to customize the character with the design of the appearance in your own way. By combining equipment and accessories to create a favorite character. Besides, you can also play as one of the pets. With so many species being nicely recreated. In particular, it is also possible to equip additional accessories to increase the prominence in the battle.Download Free Fire MAX MOD

Survival mode

Come to the survival mode of the game Free Fire MAX. Open the battle for up to 10 minutes countdown. With the participation of up to 50 players from all over the world. Everyone will parachute together from the air to a random location on a large map. Then look for weapons and equipment to use. Start the attack to destroy the opponent in order to reduce the number of players. The battle is extremely dramatic, requiring skill and experience to survive. The ultimate goal of the gunmen is to be the last man alive. To achieve that will have to find a way to overcome the remaining competitors. From there it is possible to win and achieve excellent achievements.

Survival mode will take place in real time. Thereby, the scope of people’s activities will gradually narrow. At this point on the map will appear a circle of fire. The gunslinger’s touch will cause the amount of health to decrease until it is exhausted. That will make all players close the gap, and the odds of facing each other are higher. Meaning the battles will take place continuously to eliminate.Game Free Fire MAX MOD

Game Modes

In addition to survival mode, the game Free Fire MAX also opens many other modes for you to enjoy. Includes deadly, real-time, ranked, and combat modes. In each mode, there are matches according to their own play style. At the same time divided into many different topics for you to choose and participate in. The request must follow the rules, as well as the conditions specified by the system.

  • Shooting mode: A fierce attack between gunmen takes place, thereby finding the last survivor.
  • Real-time mode: Unlock many topics such as fighting zombies, kicking balls, super speed, moba 5vs5. Each theme plays out dramatic matches. Requiring your skills to overcome fierce attacks from enemies.
  • Fighting mode: Split into two battle themes 1vs1 and 2vs2. Each topic takes place in skirmishes in the narrow map. But it requires the player’s spirit to be able to deploy a strategy to shoot down the opponent.
  • Ranked Mode: Compete with other online players in shooting wars. Aim to win and achieve excellence to rise to the leaderboard.

Free Fire MAX MOD


Weapon system

The Free Fire MAX game offers a diverse arsenal of weapons. Includes many different guns used in the war. Examples are rifles, machine guns, shotguns, ranged, submachine guns, shotguns. There is much more to be discovered after joining. Each gun is uniquely designed. They are all inspired by a variety of real life types. The ability of each type is shown through the stats. Includes damage, rate of fire, reload time, and size.Free Fire MAX MOD APK

Option to use the right gun in the game Free Fire MAX. Upgrades can be made to improve combat ability. Make the gun work better when attacking enemies on the battlefield. Thanks to the upgrade to strengthen the stats. Besides, it is also possible to unlock skins to increase prominence. With many different skins provided to use. However, it should be noted, if you want to upgrade or use skins to change guns, you will have to use money to do so.

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