Evil Nun 1.8.9 Menu PRO, Unlimited Full Lots of Money, Gold, Immortal MOD APK

Evil Nun 1.8.9 Menu PRO, Unlimited Full Lots of Money, Gold, Immortal MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - April 1, 2024
Evil Nun MOD APK 1.8.9 Android
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Keplerians Horror Games
Size 165MB
Version 1.8.9 (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update April 1, 2024 (2 months ago )

Download Evil Nun Of MODEDPURE


Evil Nun unfolds a high school horror adventure. The content follows the scary plot of the character Sister Madeline. Accordingly, you will become a character in the game to start the escape journey. The mission is to leave the school to find the way back home. It will have to do a lot of different jobs. Simultaneously solve horror puzzles with difficult challenges ahead. The objective is to survive the dangers and complete the mission. This is a game in the action category of the developer Keplerians Horror Games. When participating can play in an offline mode completely free. With a realistic combination of graphics, recreate the horror environment in school.

Download Evil Nun MOD APK – Survival Adventure To Find A Way To Leave The Horror School

Learn about the plot of the game Evil Nun in MODEDPURE. You received a mysterious invitation to summer camp. But this is a scam by Sister Madeline. From there kidnap you to a high school on the Eagle campus. The purpose of conducting an evil plot that is unpredictable. Now, after realizing that terrible woman’s plot. You will have to find a way out of the school before it’s too late. Because this place contains countless dangers that can make you lose your life at any time. Thereby will have to carry out rescue operations day by day. Try to escape from the pursuit of Sister Madeline to survive. Towards a path to escape from school to return home and live freely.Evil Nun MOD

Horror environment in school

Evil Nun’s setting unfolds in a high school on the Eagle campus. This place recreates the horror environment, creating a scary feeling. Blood can be seen through the walls and on the floor. At the same time, the dark space, and lack of light make you feel horrible in the process of finding a way to escape. Here, the school is divided into many different rooms. There are also unknown mysterious rooms. As well as the scary secrets behind the walls. In each area, different landscapes and terrain will be recreated. Through the adventure will have the opportunity to explore all areas of the horror school.

There are different paths to be found in the school survival adventure. But not all roads lead you to the safe zone. Accordingly, it is necessary to memorize the rooms and the ways to leave the school. Otherwise, it will cause you to face many difficulties, even getting lost and not being able to determine the direction.Game Evil Nun MOD

There are 3 levels

The Evil Nun game has 3 different levels for you to choose from. In order from easy, medium, and difficult. Each level will open up different challenges. Just as the difficulty, the risk, and the danger will not be the same. If you are a new player, at the beginning you can choose the easy level. From there, get used to the gameplay, because the level of danger is not high. Or choose to join the game in difficulty level. The challenge will increase and the pace will be pushed up. Make it difficult for you to survive. That difference is shown through puzzles. Requires your skills and experience to handle situations. To escape the dangers created by Sister Madeline.Evil Nun MOD APK

Quest System

Follow the plot of Evil Nun to complete the quest. Unlock survival puzzles that take place every day. Thereby you will have to find a way to survive against the fearsome Sister Madeline. Find a way to escape from her pursuit. Through the first-person perspective to perform various operations. Find a safe haven in a school room or run away from the chase. Furthermore, other actions can be performed. For example, find hidden objects in each area. Use them to stop Sister Madeline from attacking.Download Evil Nun MOD

The adventure in the school of the game Evil Nun. Besides finding a way to escape from Sister Madeline. You can also use different weapons to attack. From there, proactively protect yourself against fearsome dangers. Accordingly, it is possible to use hammers, crosses, skull sticks, rulers, swords, thorn hammers, … and much more. Each weapon is designed in its own way. That difference is reflected in shape, size, and color. However, to be able to own a new weapon will have to unlock. By completing the puzzle task, when meeting the conditions will be received.

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