Arena Of Valor Menu PRO, Bright Map, Cam Xa, No Cooldown, Immortal, AIM ELSU, Full Money, Heroes, Skins MOD APK

Arena Of Valor Menu PRO, Bright Map, Cam Xa, No Cooldown, Immortal, AIM ELSU, Full Money, Heroes, Skins MOD APK

By Ly Hoai Thu - April 24, 2024
Arena Of Valor MOD APK Android
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Garena Mobile Private
Size 145MB
Version (Latest)
Price FREE Google Play
Update April 24, 2024 (3 weeks ago )

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Arena Of Valor by MODEDPURE is an action game that emphasizes teamwork. It features 5vs5 battles on a large battleground. Take on the role of a hero and participate in online matches. Compete with the opposing team in real-time. Use your skills to attack enemies on the battlefield and increase your power. Become stronger to resist the enemy forces. The objective is to destroy the defense towers and main tower in the enemy’s territory. This will lead to victory and demonstrate achievements based on points earned. The game is developed by Garena Mobile Private and offers many exciting features for an engaging experience.

Learn about games Arena Of Valor MOD APK – 5vs5 Battle Among Heroes

Arena Of Valor MOD APK – Get ready to join 5vs5 online battles on a large map. With the presence of 10 heroes divided into 2 teams, the heroes of each team will move on different lanes in real-time. Advance into the enemy’s territory to attack, along with the support of units that are divided into waves. They start from the main base and stop attacking when hindered. Therefore, you need to coordinate with your teammates to deploy tactics. Choose different paths to attack the enemy when facing them or support each other in a combined assault between the two teams. The goal is to destroy all the towers in the enemy’s territory.Liên Quân Mobile MOD


At the start of a battle, all heroes are at level 1. However, there will be differences in levels and power among players over time. This is achieved through combat activities such as defeating enemies, eliminating waves of enemy soldiers, or defeating monsters at their spawn locations. These activities earn experience points to level up. Depending on the activities between you or your teammates and the remaining enemies, there will be differences in the equipment used, as well as combat power.Game Liên Quân Mobile MOD

Tower Destruction

During the battles in Arena Of Valor, the main towers are the ultimate target that the two teams aim for. The match only ends when one of the main towers is destroyed. However, to approach and destroy it, you must overcome the defensive towers first. These towers are placed on the three lanes leading to the main tower. They have the ability to automatically attack when enemies move within their range, causing significant damage to hinder progress. You can choose a lane to attack, but it comes with greater risks and makes it harder to reach the main tower. On the other hand, destroying all the towers on the three lanes provides more options and facilitates strategic deployment.Tai Liên Quân Mobile MOD


Different equipment is used during the battles in Arena Of Valor. Depending on the hero you choose to play, you can use the collected currency to unlock equipment. The equipment system is divided into four categories: weapons, armor, accessories, and special items. Each category offers multiple options for your hero. However, you need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your chosen hero in the battle. This will help you unlock suitable equipment based on their attributes and abilities, thus enhancing your combat power for effective engagements.

Multiple Heroes

Arena Of Valor offers a variety of heroes to choose from. These include heroes like Valhein, Tulen, Thane, Zanis, Violet, Kriknak, and many more. Each hero has a distinct visual style, appearance, and costume. They possess unique combat abilities and are categorized into five attributes: attack, defense, jungle, support, and mage. To play as your favorite hero, you need to spend currency to unlock them, with each hero requiring a different amount.Download Liên Quân Mobile MOD

Each hero in Arena Of Valor has their own set of skills. Depending on their attributes, each character has corresponding skills. For example, a support hero is more suitable for healing, increasing defense, or supporting teammates rather than dealing strong attacks against enemies. On the other hand, a hero with strong combat abilities, especially in flexible attacks during engagements, possesses critical attack skills with high damage output. Each hero has their own unique skills, and you need to combine and use them effectively.

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